Limited Edition ABERFELDY Single Cask Scotch Whisky Available Exclusively on the West Coast at BevMo!

CONCORD, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 6, 2013) - BevMo!, the ultimate neighborhood specialty beverage retailer, today announced that it will be one of just two retailers in the United States to sell a limited edition ABERFELDY Single Cask Scotch Whisky from the House of DEWAR'S this holiday season. The exclusive Scotch whisky can be pre-ordered for a special price now on, and will be available for purchase at select BevMo! stores starting November 8.

ABERFELDY Single Cask is the first ever single cask from DEWAR'S available in the United States and is a unique extension of ABERFELDY Single Malt, the flagship single malt from DEWAR'S Blended Scotch whisky. Produced at the home of DEWAR'S at the Aberfeldy Distillery in Scotland, two delicious ABERFELDY Single Cask offerings will be available at BevMo!: the first with a delicate, yet complex floral aroma and a hint of spice, honey, creamy toffee and pineapple; and the second with rich caramel notes of vanilla, butter toffee and ripe bananas.

To celebrate the limited edition Scotch whisky, BevMo! will be hosting tasting events of ABERFELDY Single Cask at their West Hollywood, CA location at 7100 Santa Monica Blvd on Nov. 20 from 5-7 p.m. PST as well as their Walnut Creek, CA location at 2940 N. Main from 5-7 p.m. PST. Attendees will get their first taste of this prestigious single cask Scotch whisky just in time for the holidays. Additionally, guests at the event will enjoy catered food, special DEWAR'S gifts, cigars rolled on site and a putting competition. Guests who purchase ABERFELDY at one of the tasting events can also have their limited edition bottle engraved for a nominal fee. Space is limited, so reserve your ticket now. To reserve tickets for the West Hollywood event, click here and for the Walnut Creek event, click here

"BevMo! prides itself on an ever-evolving selection that allows our neighborhood customers to constantly discover new tastes," said BevMo! CEO Alan Johnson. "The limited edition ABERFELDY Single Cask whisky is among the most prestigious single malt scotches in the world, and we want our customers to be part of the exclusive group that gets to try it."

"ABERFELDY Single Cask offers consumers the exciting opportunity to experience ABERFELDY, the flagship single malt from DEWAR'S, like they never have before," said Arvind Krishnan, Vice President, Brand Managing Director, DEWAR'S. "DEWAR'S, the most awarded blended Scotch whisky in the world, continues to be a pioneer in the spirits industry with the introduction of ABERFELDY Single Cask, the first ever single cask offering from DEWAR'S in the United States. By showcasing ABERFELDY in such a luxurious and unique way through the launch of ABERFELDY Single Cask, the House of DEWAR'S demonstrates its leadership not only in the blended Scotch whisky category, but in the single malt category, as well."

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ABERFELDY® Single Malt Whisky is at the heart of all blends within the DEWAR'S® Blended Scotch Whisky portfolio. Aged in the finest selection of oak barrels for a distinctly heather-honeyed taste and a renowned full body composition, ABERFELDY Single Malt offers two expressions, ABERFELDY 12 YEAR OLD and ABERFELDY 21 YEAR OLD, both of which are released in extremely limited quantities and shipped in individually-numbered bottles. Since 1898, the House of DEWAR'S has been producing this renowned single malt whisky at its Aberfeldy Distillery, originally built by the Dewar's family in the town of Aberfeldy, in the Perthshire Highlands of Scotland. Located just two miles from the birthplace of company founder John Dewar Sr., Aberfeldy Distillery represents the true home of DEWAR'S, is where the fresh spring water of the Pitilie Burn combines with the skills of generations of craftsmen to produce the award-winning ABERFELDY Single Malt.

In 2013, the House of DEWAR'S announced the launch of ABERFELDY Single Cask, the first-ever single cask Scotch whisky to launch in the U.S. from DEWAR'S, the most awarded Scotch whisky in the world.