Tinnitus Treatment Solutions(TM) Establishes Tele-Audiology Service: Announces First Remote Patient Fitting of Tinnitus Treatment Device

CAMPBELL, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 12, 2013) - Tinnitus Treatment Solutions, a group of audiologists specializing in direct-to-patient tinnitus treatment and counseling, announces the first remote programming of a sound therapy device from an audiologist's office to a patient's home.

For the 1 in 10 adults who experience tinnitus (ringing in the ears), treatment usually requires making multiple appointments to the office of a medical professional. This can be time consuming, expensive, and especially challenging for people in rural areas or for those lacking mobility or transportation. Following the example set by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in implementing telemedicine, Tinnitus Treatment Solutions uses modern technology and communications tools to facilitate patient care. In audiology, remote care tools and services are not yet used widely, especially for tinnitus, making this a breakthrough innovation now available to this large patient population in need of information and relief.

The first patient remotely fit by Tinnitus Treatment Solutions lives in the U.K. Via phone, a standard internet connection, and proprietary sound therapy software, his audiologist was able to test the patient, program his SoundCure Serenade treatment device, and set its customized treatment tones to match his tinnitus pitch. All this was done with the patient sitting in the comfort of his own home. The audiologist also provided the necessary patient education about the treatment, device, and its use. The entire process took about an hour.

The audiologist will also follow-up with the patient, providing care and guidance over a longer term as the patient undergoes the process of finding relief known as habituation.

Patient-centered care that can accommodate a suffering patient in his own home, providing expert care after an appropriate medical screening, offers numerous advantages, particularly in tinnitus treatment. Tele-audiology provided through a variety of means can meet the various needs of this tinnitus patient population that is still eagerly seeking better care options. Tinnitus Treatment Solutions believes expert tinnitus care from a trained audiologist should be made available as widely as possible.

About Tinnitus Treatment Solutions: Tinnitus Treatment Solutions is an independent professional organization comprised of audiologists specializing in tinnitus counseling and education services. We facilitate screening and treatment of tinnitus patients and offer superior patient-centered care using a sound therapy based approach delivered via modern tele-audiology tools. Visit us online at www.tinnitustreatmentsolutions.com or www.tinnitustreatmentsolutions.co.uk.

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