Capsule Joins Continua Health Alliance

Andover, Massachusetts, UNITED STATES

ANDOVER, Mass., Dec. 3, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Capsule Tech, Inc., the leading worldwide provider of medical device connectivity (MDC) solutions, today announced that it has joined the Continua Health Alliance, the leading organization convening global technology industry standards to develop end-to-end, plug-and-play connectivity for personal connected health. For the past 16 years, Capsule has provided device interoperability between any medical device and virtually any clinical information system allowing hospitals to choose their type and scope of project. The Capsule solution is deployed easily and efficiently at the point of care – in continuous or periodic data collection settings, across a multitude of care boundaries.

"As the industry's leading provider of device-to-clinical system interoperability, we feel it is essential that Capsule be involved with the Continua Alliance," said Stuart Long, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer at Capsule.  "As we extend our device integration platform beyond the hospital's four walls to embrace the challenge of integrating devices across the entire healthcare continuum, the respective roles of both the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) standards movement and Continua are essential, particularly as they relate to integrating clinical devices in the home.

"Being central to the integration of devices and clinical information systems to over 1,350 hospitals around the world, we welcome and accept the key role we will play in what will likely be a rapid evolution of device-to-clinical system interoperability," added Long.  "As a proud participant in the IHE Connectathon, along with the Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS, we look forward to expanding both our interaction with the global medical device connectivity community and the Continua organization."

About Continua Health Alliance

Continua Health Alliance (Continua), an international not-for-profit industry group, is the leading organization convening global technology industry standards to develop end-to-end, plug-and-play connectivity for personal connected health.  Continua is dedicated to the development of Design Guidelines and test tools to expedite the deployment of personal connected health devices and systems that will dramatically improve health management, clinical outcomes and quality of life. Personal connected health will empower information-driven health self-management and facilitate the incorporation of health and wellness into the day-to-day lives of consumers.  Continua is a pioneer in establishing standards-based guidelines and security for connected health technologies such as tablets, smartphones, gateways and remote monitoring devices through its Guideline releases. The Alliance's activities include a certification and brand support program, events and collaborations to support technology and clinical innovation, and outreach to employers, payers, governments and care providers. With over 200 member companies reaching across the globe, Continua is comprised of technology, medical device and health care industry leaders and service providers dedicated to making personal connected health a reality.  For more information visit:

About Capsule

Capsule is the leading global provider of medical device connectivity solutions for hospitals and healthcare organizations.  Capsule enables hospitals using electronic medical records and other information systems to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve patient care through the direct capture and delivery of patient vitals at the point-of-care.  Capsule's solutions are flexible and scalable, offering a variety of deployment options to meet the needs of any healthcare delivery organization.  Founded in 1997, the Company has established strong partnerships with leading medical device manufacturers and installed enterprise-wide solutions in over 1,400 hospitals in 37 countries. For more information, visit or call +1 978-482-2337 (US), or +33 1 84 17 12 00 (France).

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