MolecularMD Announces Presentations at Upcoming American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Dec 5, 2013) - MolecularMD Corp., a molecular diagnostics company focused on providing the highest quality companion diagnostics and clinical trials support services to oncology drug developers, announced today that its tests will be highlighted in several presentations at the upcoming 55th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology (ASH) taking place December 7-10th in Atlanta, GA.

MolecularMD scientists will present two posters describing new molecular diagnostic methodologies for analysis of BCR-ABL1 in CML, the MRDx BCR-ABL Test and the ABL1 Phasing Test. The MRDx BCR-ABL Test is an exquisitely sensitive quantitative real-time PCR test that is appropriate for measuring minimal residual disease in CML patients, and monitoring patients in molecular remission, and the ABL1 Phasing Test uses a Next Generation Sequencing approach to enable determination of phasing of compound mutations in BCR-ABL1. Furthermore, in collaboration with ARIAD Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and its clinical investigators, clinical data from a study using the MolecularMD ABL1 Phasing Test will be presented in an oral session.

ASH Presentation Details

Title: Development and Validation of Highly Sensitive MRDx BCR-ABL Test for Monitoring Deep Molecular Response in Patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia
Poster Session 611: Leukemias: Biology, Cytogenetics and Molecular Markers in Diagnosis and Prognosis: Poster II
Date & Time: Sunday, December 8, 2013; 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM; Hall E
Abstract Number: 2617

Title: Phasing Analysis of TKI Resistance Mutations in the BCR-ABL1 Kinase Domain and Neighboring Domains Using Next-Generation Sequencing
Poster Session 604: Molecular Pharmacology, Drug Resistance: Poster III
Date & Time: Monday, December 9, 2013; 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM; Hall E
Abstract Number: 3817

Title: Impact Of Baseline (BL) Mutations, Including Low-Level and Compound Mutations, On Ponatinib Response and End Of Treatment (EOT) Mutation Analysis In Patients (Pts) With Chronic Phase Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CP-CML)
Oral Session 632: Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Therapy: Emerging Aspects of Monitoring and Long-Term Treatment
Date & Time: Monday, December 9, 2013; 5:15 PM; E3
Abstract Number: 652

About MolecularMD
MolecularMD Corporation develops and commercializes specialty molecular diagnostics for oncology applications. Its tests are designed to allow appropriate selection, monitoring and management of patients treated with molecularly-targeted cancer therapies. MolecularMD incorporates gold-standard and innovative technologies in providing its partners with the highest quality results. Tests are designed to meet clinical trial needs, and MolecularMD has appropriate systems and standards in place to enable development of companion diagnostic tests in conjunction with partners' novel anticancer agents. A private company based in Portland, Oregon, MolecularMD was founded by Dr. Brian Druker, director of the Knight Cancer Institute at Oregon Health & Science University, and Sheridan G. Snyder, entrepreneur and founder of Genzyme Corporation.

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