Acts of Kindness Movement Growing by Millions

WAYNE, PA--(Marketwired - Dec 12, 2013) - A Better World has now logged over ten million good deeds in the popular Facebook game. The game, which was designed to encourage small acts of kindness, has been played by more than two million people and just may be creating a movement that they intended...a better world. A Better World runs campaigns with nonprofit partners as part of its Cause Gaming initiative to use the power of games to create positive change.

"When we created A Better World, we were met with a good deal of skepticism," said Ray Hansell, CEO of ToonUps. "We always believed that there were enough good people in the world that would make this movement take off. That appears to be happening."

"We want to encourage all people to meet the wishes of the Newtown families who are requesting that others do a small act of kindness on the anniversary of the tragedy in honor of their loved ones," said Gregory R. Hansell, VP of Product Development. "As our mission, we have encouraged acts of kindness for years. As a family, we understand the hope that something good can come from something terrible. We hope that people not only do something kind, but share that with others, because we notice that when people share the good things they do, it encourages others who may need a boost."

The BetterWorldians movement now consists of A Better World Facebook game, the growing BetterWorldians Facebook community, BetterWorldians Radio, and the Color Your World with Kindness ( inspirational video. The video is part of their currently active holiday campaign to inspire acts of kindness, and when it reaches one million views, funds will be released that will provide surgeries to ten children, enabling them to walk for the first time.

BetterWorldians Radio has attracted some amazing guests boasting similar themes. The following quotes were excerpted from radio transcripts:

"Anybody can change the world. You can do it with small things, you can do it with big things, but to do it in a big way, you need to start small."
-- Jay Scott, Co-Executive Director of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

"Change only happens when action takes place. Do as much as you possibly can to follow your intuition and actually do those small gestures, those small things that make the world a better place because once you start doing them, you will realize that it's almost addictive." 
-- Dan Karslake, Filmmaker and Producer, Every Three Seconds

"The best thing people can do to be happy is to not worry so much about themselves but rather to worry about other people and just kind of trust that happiness will come from that." 
-- Dr. Matthew Della Porta, Happiness Expert

"Love is what is going to work miracles." 
-- Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle, Author Mother Teresa and Me

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Acts of Kindness Movement Growing by Millions -

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ToonUps ( is a digital entertainment company whose mission is to create online games and apps to brighten the world. ToonUps has created a rich array of products designed with the purpose of uplifting people through optimism, altruism and fun. From social gaming to business training, their innovative content brings these core themes to a variety of markets. Most notably this includes A Better World (, a free, uplifting game on Facebook that is all about being positive and encouraging kindness to others. They are also the creators of BetterWorldians Radio (, an Internet radio broadcast that inspires with the people and ideas that are making the world a better place. ToonUps is headquartered in Wayne, PA.

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