VeenendaalCave Bases Firm's PIM Strategy on Newforma Software

Interior Design Firm Replaces Three Existing Technologies With One Off-the-Shelf Project Information Management Solution

MANCHESTER, NH--(Marketwired - Dec 17, 2013) - Newforma, a project information management (PIM) software company integrating people, projects and processes to transform building and infrastructure project delivery, announced today that Atlanta-based interior design firm VeenendaalCave is replacing three custom-built software applications with Newforma® Project Center and Newforma® Mobile Apps. The move is motivated by a strategic upgrade of its PIM capabilities. Newforma's flagship product and its integrated mobile apps will spare the commercial design firm from having to go through an expensive, year-long process of upgrading in-house software first developed in 2006. In addition to replacing existing functionality, the Newforma solution improves capabilities in email management, document sharing and retrieval, searches for information on the network, and more.

The president of VeenendaalCave, Ed Cave, said the Newforma implementation grew out of the firm's commitment to employees and clients. "We are strong advocates of streamlined workflows and providing a superior customer experience," Cave said. "We've actually won business on the basis of our project information management capabilities. Our investment in Newforma software will set new standards for workflow efficiency and client service, which we expect will make our business more competitive, more efficient and more profitable."

VeenendaalCave Vice President Carlos Pineda gave an example of the savings Newforma software will provide. "Upon completing a project, our managers had to spend an average of 30 minutes saving email as PST files and saving them on an archive server. Because we do around 2,000 projects a year, those half-hours quickly add up. On top of being cumbersome, the existing process sometimes resulted in corrupted data. Everyone rejoiced when we announced we will no longer have to follow that process.

"We shopped for a new PIM solution by researching every application on the market, from SharePoint to isolated apps," Pineda said. "When we saw that Newforma could address our short- and intermediate-term IT challenges in one solution, and offer value-added features such as optical character recognition and markup tools, plus pull data from our financial system to boot, we knew that we had found the answer we were looking for."

Newforma Chief Executive Officer Ian Howell said, "Before Newforma, project information management was left to individual project leads, who tracked expensive and distracting manual processes in Excel spreadsheets. Today, forward-thinking companies can take advantage of all the customer input that has already gone into the Newforma PIM solution. It is a proven way to streamline work processes, drive greater efficiency, coordinate project teams and improve client service."

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