Arylessence Perfumer Creates Magic on Capitol Hill

Arylessence Director of Perfumery Heather Sims creates winning scent for fragrance showcase held for lawmakers and staff in Washington, D.C.

Marietta, Georgia, UNITED STATES

ATLANTA, Dec. 19, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Heather Sims, Director of Perfumery at Arylessence, a leading, innovative fragrance company, created a unique perfume, "Suit & Tie", which was premiered at a fragrance industry showcase held for lawmakers and staff at the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by the International Fragrance Association North America (IFRA North America), the showcase featured the original creations of three leading U.S.-based perfumers, each reflecting the theme, "Symphony of Scent".

Inspired by the emotion, energy and contemporary edge of Justin Timberlake's hit song Suit & Tie, which includes lyrics by rapper Jay Z, Heather Sims created a classic scent for men, known as an aromatic fougere. Structured around lavender mid notes, top notes of bergamot and lemon, and deep bass notes of moss and soft woods, she added black pepper for energy, artemisia and sea salt wrapped in tobacco for a masculine edge, and lastly, amber, vanilla bean, and musks for deep, warm sensuality.

"Like the music artists who created the song, this fragrance is powerful, contemporary, and energetic," says Heather Sims. "And while we know that pop music reaches out to everyone on the planet, the 'suit' depicted by this scent is definitely a classic tuxedo with a black silk tie."
Leading U.S. perfumers selected for industry showcase
In addition to Heather Sims' fragrance "Suit & Tie", which was created to reflect pop music, Drom Fragrances perfumer Christopher Dilenno developed "Resilient", a fragrance inspired by four U.K. rock bands from the 1980s, and Givaudan perfumer Calice Becker created "L'Elisir D'Amore", to reflect themes in the comic opera of the same name by Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti.
Leading U.S. perfumers were selected by IFRA North America to showcase on Capitol Hill the importance and allure of today's fragrances which connect people to brands in fine fragrance, beauty and personal care, air care, laundry, household products, and private label. The event also emphasized the scope and scale of the U.S. fragrance industry, which is a major employer and global exporter, as well as a significant creator of intellectual property and a key factor in the competiveness of consumer products.
"The U.S. fragrance market is the largest in the world," says Arylessence President and IFRA North America board member, Steve Tanner. "Our perfumers are creative and innovative, and our industry is a global leader in fragrance safety, protecting the sustainability of ingredients and materials while insuring the quality and acceptance of products made in the U.S.A. Our fragrances and the myriad of brands that use them bring pleasure and excitement to consumers across the country and around the world."
About Arylessence
Arylessence is a leading fragrance and flavor company, based near Atlanta, Georgia, known for creativity and innovation in beauty and cosmetics, personal care, laundry and household products, air care, and private label, as well as prepared foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, oral care, lip care, and confectionary products. Leaders in the design of natural and organic fragrances, as well as sustainably-produced scents for today's environmentally sensitive products, Arylessence perfumers, evaluators, application scientists, and marketing experts work closely with clients in a multi-disciplinary, team-based environment. Arylessence provides marketing resources, proprietary developmental processes, and strategic insights to help clients achieve product differentiation, consumer preference, and market leadership.  For more about Arylessence:


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