San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys at the Golden State Law Group Share Suggestions for Holiday Spending

The Attorneys at the Golden State Law Group, URL, Share Financial Advice for Holiday Spending

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - Dec 20, 2013) - The San Diego bankruptcy attorneys at the Golden State Law Group have provided legal representation to thousands of consumer and business clients who encountered severe financial difficulties. This representation has allowed the firm to negotiate settlements with creditors as well as to guide clients through bankruptcy cases filed under Chapters 7, 11 and 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code. The attorneys at the firm tend to encounter new clients every January and February who overspent during the holidays, and they would like to share the suggestions offered in an article that could help people avoid this problem.

The article, entitled, "How to Enjoy the Holiday Season without Going Broke", can be found here for those who wish to review the full text. Generally speaking, the article provides ideas for people who plan to take part in holiday celebrations that can include purchasing gifts, going out for dinners and attending parties with friends and family members. All of these activities cost money, and all of this spending can lead to serious problems when credit card bills come due in January and February.

Specifically, the article suggests that instead of going out to dinner, people should host potluck celebrations with guests. If people are going to travel for the holidays, they should look into the possibility of using credit card reward points to help defray the costs of airfare and hotel stays. People should also purchase gifts at discount Web sites and in order to save for the following year people should consider setting up holiday savings accounts that can be used to deal with the costs that will arise in the future.

"We have been serving clients as San Diego bankruptcy lawyers for many years, and we always expect a 'post-holiday rush' in January and February when people are overwhelmed with credit card bills and they suddenly realize that they cannot afford to pay these debts," said David Weil, an attorney with the Golden State Law Group. "We encourage people to seek out advice and suggestions in order to minimize the chance that they will encounter trouble. We also encourage anyone who does encounter problems to seek legal advice as soon as possible," Weil added.

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