Industry Leader Electric Mirror Launches Keen(TM), an Intelligent Energy-Saving Dimmable Lighting Technology With Integrated Capacitive Touch Controls

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwired - January 27, 2014) - Electric Mirror, the global leader in the Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TV industry, introduces Keen™, a dimmable Lighted Mirror that offers substantial energy savings by automatically reducing power to the mirror's lights after one hour.

The newly released Keen™ uses intelligent sensor technology to save up to 60% on Lighted Mirror energy costs, saving hoteliers thousands annually. "We created a dimming feature that addresses the challenge of hotel guests leaving their bathroom lights on when leaving their rooms and at night while they sleep," said Electric Mirror President and CEO, Jim Mischel.

According to Mischel, Keen's one-hour automated dimming feature reduces energy use dramatically, simply by powering down the lights to half of the original brightness level. At nighttime, the mirror's integrated night-light can be turned on to offer a subdued and relaxing level of light for guests who desire dim light while they sleep.

Guests can choose from eight different brightness levels with Keen™, from low night-light to full daylight, giving them unprecedented control over their bathroom lighting, simply by using the integrated capacitive touch buttons. "Our goal has always been to be first with new Lighted Mirror technology; Keen™ is no exception. We know that both guests and hotel owners are more energy conscious than ever before. Keen™ is the ideal solution," continues Mischel.

The environmentally-friendly Keen™ technology has enormous cost-saving potential, as hotels can expect to save thousands of dollars a year in maintenance and energy costs. It's also a socially-responsible solution to reducing a hotel's carbon footprint, an issue that's steadily becoming more important to the hospitality industry and the guests they serve.

Beginning April 2, 2014 Electric Mirror will sell Keen™ mirrors into the hospitality sector globally. Keen™ is the newest product in Electric Mirror's family of SmartMirrors™. Last year, the company introduced Vive™, the world's first and only Bluetooth® enabled mirror.

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About Electric Mirror

Electric Mirror® is the Leader in Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TV Technology™, serving the hospitality and residential industries for over fifteen years. With product lines that include modern Lighted Mirrors, Mirror TVs, Waterproof TVs, Mirrored Cabinets, Corridor Lighting, and Makeup Mirrors, Electric Mirror is known throughout the Hospitality Design Community.

As the pioneer of lighted Mirror and Mirror TV design, Electric Mirror's industry-leading reputation for product innovation, customization, and made-in-the-USA quality is unmatched. Strong design and surprising technology make Electric Mirror's products instantly communicate flawless luxury to discerning hotel guests and homeowners worldwide. 

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