Ensim IaaS Manager for Microsoft Enables Simplified Experience for Ordering, Managing and Billing of Cloud-Based Infrastructure Services

Enables Virtual Machine Management for Enterprises and Service Providers

SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 28, 2014) - Ensim Corporation, a leading provider of automation and orchestration solutions for users and organizations with business applications, services and infrastructure, today announced the availability of Ensim IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) Manager for Microsoft. The Ensim IaaS Manager, in concert with the Ensim Automation Suite, enables a complete end-to-end cloud services brokerage solution. This includes ordering, automated provisioning, usage tracking, billing and simplified self-service management for public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. IaaS manager supports multiple hypervisors, including Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Server with Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center 2012 R2.

IaaS Manager, which also provides a complete multi-tenant front-end for System Center 2012 R2, enables enterprises and service providers to rapidly and effectively create and offer their own public or private cloud-based IaaS solutions via a robust service catalog; enables usage tracking with billing and chargeback; and provides simplified, consistent self-service operations administration for the end-user, IT admins, agents, and resellers, via an easy-to-use role-based portal.

Using the Ensim solution, product managers can establish ideal pricing models, accurately track usage -- even at the most granular item level -- and provide automated upgrade / downgrade and upsize / downsize functionality, automating system-wide housekeeping. For a full list of IaaS Manager's features and benefits visit http://www.ensim.com/cloud-billing-provisioning-and-portal/cloud-service-broker/infrastructure-as-a-service

"Microsoft is committed to the success of service providers and enterprises as they develop and deploy public and private cloud solutions," said Brian Hillger, director, product marketing, Microsoft. "We are pleased to see that Ensim, a valued member of the Microsoft System Center Alliance, is building on Windows Server 2012 R2 with Hyper-V and System Center 2012 R2 to help customers effectively model, deliver and charge for cloud-based offerings."

Ensim IaaS Manager is hardware and network agnostic and supports deployments on the leading infrastructure solutions such as Cisco, EMC, Hitachi, NetApp, Dell, IBM, HP and more. The Ensim Automation Suite includes dozens of service and application connectors, including the latest versions of Microsoft Lync, SharePoint, Exchange, Microsoft System Center, Windows Server with Hyper-V -- just to name a few. These enable all of the automation functionality of Ensim's platform for ordering, catalog, and billing to also be fully leveraged for fine grain provisioning and operations management to control any application, service and infrastructure component connected through standard web service APIs, whether multi-tenant or single tenant, on-premises, SaaS or cloud services.

"IaaS Manager takes the complexity out of offering cloud-based IaaS services while also making the process simpler to the end-user and more appealing to IT admins as they can delegate self-service rights to each user based on their profile," said David Wippich, CEO, Ensim. "With support for the leading hypervisors, including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware, KVM, and Xen, Ensim is making it easier than ever to take advantage of the cloud for IaaS needs."

With IaaS Manager, Ensim supports virtual machine management, including the ordering of both individual virtual machines (VPS), as well as the purchase, deployment and management of virtual data centers (VDC). 

With the virtual data center model, a user orders a virtual data center based on overall capacity desired (CPU, memory, disk, etc.). Once it is purchased, an authorized user can deploy any available template, and apply as many resources as needed across as many virtual machines as desired within the purchased capacity of the virtual data center. The VDC model enabled by Ensim allows for rapid development cycles and puts the virtual data center owner in full control of managing the environment without having to make an additional purchase each time a new virtual machine is deployed. 

Alternatively, the VPS model is often a more cost-effective option for smaller businesses. It provides an easier buying experience and a simplified administration portal with the ability for a single subscriber to maintain multiple predefined virtual servers connected in a single vLan. Users enjoy system administrator-level access to one or more virtual machines with their own operating system and bundled software, or can install any software that runs on that OS.

About Ensim

Founded in 1998, Ensim is a leading provider of solutions to automate on-boarding, orchestration, provisioning, and management of users and organizations with business applications, services, and infrastructure in private, public, and hybrid clouds. Ensim has over 5,000,000 seats deployed worldwide and is used by over 20,000 small, medium, and large sized organizations and government agencies through service providers, system integrators, MSPs, and resellers. Key modules include ordering, service catalog, provisioning, user entitlement, operations management, pricing and rating, reporting, and billing. For additional information, visit http://www.ensim.com