The Center for Talent Innovation announces new initiative on human rights and human flourishing

"The Human Flourishing Project" launched during the think tank's 10th anniversary summit


NEW YORK, Feb. 11, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Center for Talent Innovation (CTI) marked its 10th anniversary with a corporate summit, held today at the Time Warner Center in New York City. At its gala dinner, the think tank unveiled its initiative, "The Human Flourishing Project" – a new commitment to "human rights and human flourishing." Beginning this year, CTI is committing to being more intentional in connecting its global research and action on the ground to an urgent human flourishing agenda, thus helping ensure the full realization of the new streams of labor in the marketplace.

"As our recent work on innovation, diversity, employee engagement and market growth has shown, innovation and new market growth are dependent upon the ability of companies to lift up the power of difference and fully realize human potential," said Sylvia Ann Hewlett, CTI founder and president. "Our new focus on human rights and human flourishing will bring a rich and expanded agenda to talent management practices around the world."
Since 2004, CTI has worked to transform how organizations conceive of and manage high-echelon talent worldwide. The think tank has developed research that explores the challenges and opportunities faced by top talent across the divides of gender, generation, geography and culture. Together with its flagship project – the Task Force for Talent Innovation, comprised of more than 80 global companies – CTI has seeded and developed hundreds of best practices that address some of the most intractable problems in the human resources space: levering qualified women and people of color into top leadership roles, tapping into the strengths of a multi-generational workforce and lifting up the "Power of Out" among LGBT workers.
"We are proud to celebrate our journey from a small, New York- based nonprofit focused on issues of women's retention and acceleration, to a global think tank that has changed the conversation around talent management," stated Hewlett.
Summit attendees and participants comprised senior executives from Task Force companies including American Express, Bank of America, Booz Allen Hamilton, Bloomberg LLP, BP, Cisco, Citi, EY, GE, Goldman Sachs, McKesson Corporation, Time Warner, Siemens and UBS. Speakers included leaders such as Anré Williams, President, Global Merchant Services, American Express; Cornel West, Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice, Union Theological Seminary; Mark T. Bertolini, Chairman, CEO and President, Aetna; N.V. "Tiger" Tyagarajan, President and CEO, Genpact; and Sallie Krawcheck, Business Leader, 85 Broads. Plenary session topics included corporate best practices around innovation and diversity, the outlook for talent management over the next ten years and acceleration of women in science, engineering and technology.
About the Center for Talent Innovation

The Center for Talent Innovation is a nonprofit think tank based in New York City. CTI's flagship project is the Task Force for Talent Innovation—a private-sector task force focused on helping organizations leverages their talent across the divides of gender, generation, geography and culture. The 80+ global corporations and organizations that constitute the Task Force, representing nearly six million employees and operating in 192 countries around the world, are united by an understanding that the full realization of the talent pool is at the heart of competitive advantage and economic success.


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