Broadcast Interactive Media and Shobot Enable Immediate Recording to DVR from Online Listings Visitors May Record First-Run and Syndicated Programs to Their Home DVRs With Point-and-Click Ease

MADISON, Wis., Feb. 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM), today announced a partnership with Shobot, a free service that allows TV viewers to record TV individual shows or even entire series to their DVR, regardless of who provides their DVR service. The partnership allows visitors to BIM's TV listings site to use Shobot to record programs immediately to their DVRs. Plans for extending the service via iOS and Android Apps are underway by both companies.

After creating a free Shobot account and selecting his or her DVR provider, when a TitanTV user clicks on a show they want to record, a Shobot button in an options panel launches the Shobot service. Shobot's patent-pending technology records that program to the visitor's home DVR. After a one-time setup, each show may be recorded with a single click.

"We are excited to partner with, one of the first online TV content discovery platforms," says Lando Barbagli, co-founder of Shobot. "TitanTV's users will enjoy the ease and immediate gratification of recording their favorite shows to their home DVRs by simply clicking on our Shobot button."

"Since its creation in 2000, TitanTV has pioneered the use of remote scheduling features to allow visitors to record programs directly to their computers," says Mick Rinehart, SVP Products and Data Services at BIM. "By incorporating Shobot's technologies to enable remote recording to those same visitors' home DVRs, TitanTV's reach now extends beyond the computer desktop."

For now, shows currently airing cannot be taped nor OTA listings.

Shobot ( Shobot provides a suite of products, based on its pending-patent technology, to help TV viewers remotely record TV shows immediately to their home DVRs anywhere they encounter the show. Shobot provides TV networks powerful tools to promote their TV shows and content discovery providers the ability to add groundbreaking new features to their apps.

BIM ( BIM is a leading digital ad network and data services provider of revenue and technical solutions to online publishers and remains a trusted resource for hundreds of local broadcasters and media sites worldwide. BIM is based in Madison, WI, with offices in New York City; San Francisco; Cedar Rapids, IA; Portland, OR; and Austin, TX.


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