Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy Responds to Governor's Clean Fuels Announcement

PORTLAND, OR--(Marketwired - Feb 14, 2014) - Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy released the following statement today in response to Governor Kitzhaber's announcement Thursday that he will use executive authority to move the Clean Fuels Program forward:

"While we understand the Governor's objectives, we believe he is pursuing the path that is the least likely to meaningfully reduce carbon, while burdening Oregon businesses and consumers with potentially higher fuel costs now and into the future. We believe there are better ways to address this issue -- such as incentivizing the purchase of electric vehicles and facilitating the conversion of truck fleets to natural gas -- that are technically feasible, that promote Oregon businesses and that do not unfairly penalize citizens who have no other options than to use carbon based fuels. Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy would be happy to work with the Governor and his staff to explore these and other options."

Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy is a coalition of fuel users, consumers and business organizations opposed to the adoption of the proposed Clean Fuels Program in Oregon, also known as a Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

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Contact Information:

Kate Richardson
Oregonians for Sound Fuel Policy