Tone Launches New STEPLIB-Rx Solution for CA TSOPLUS Replacements

New STEPLIB-Rx Software Provides Painless Transition and Full Dynamic STEPLIB Functionality to Replace No Longer Supported TSOPLUS Product from CA

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 24, 2014) - Tone Software Corporation, a global provider of comprehensive management and productivity solutions for IBM Mainframe environments, today announced immediate availability of the new STEPLIB-Rx solution designed specifically to provide an easy to deploy replacement for the TSOPLUS software no longer supported by CA Technologies (CA Inc.).

Many z/OS mainframe installations must now take action to transition away from the unsupported TSOPLUS product, which was deemed "end of life" by CA Technologies in 2010. To address this growing need, Tone's new STEPLIB-Rx technology replaces key functionality of the TSOPLUS product, including the STEPLIBX Dynamic STEPLIB allocation capabilities and the on-demand application feature.

Beyond the core replacement functionality, Tone's STEPLIB-Rx solution also includes utilities to seamlessly transition the existing TSOPLUS environment to the new STEPLIB-Rx technology by intelligently translating the existing STEPLIBX allocations imbedded in the environment. As a result, users are not required to perform lengthy or complex manual conversions or re-implementations to transition to Tone's STEPLIB-Rx solution.

"The need for a fully supported STEPLIB solution has never been greater as many mainframe shops prepare to move to z/OS 2.1, and face the end of their legacy maintenance terms for the TSOPLUS software that is now unsupported," stated Shirley Balarezo, President of Tone Software. "Tone's STEPLIB-Rx solution fills this void, with key capabilities specifically designed to make the transition painless for the systems programming staff, and transparent to the TSO and ISPF user communities within these busy z/OS shops," she concluded.

Using STEPLIB-Rx, allocation of key libraries is automated, dramatically reducing system I/O and contention on STEPLIB volumes, and eliminating much of the overhead associated with TSO. The results are improved overall system performance and increased user productivity -- major benefits for z/OS shops. Further, Tone's STEPLIB-Rx enables both systems programmers and application programmers to quickly and easily test multiple versions of identically named reentrant program modules at the same time -- a unique capability not available in any other solution. As a result, release upgrades and application rollouts can be accomplished more rapidly and efficiently.

Tone's new STEPLIB-Rx is certified for all levels of z/OS including z/OS 2.1, is fully supported, and is available immediately. To provide mainframe users with more in-depth information about Tone's STEPLIB-Rx solution the Tone team will exhibit in Booth #113 at the upcoming SHARE Technology Exchange Expo in Anaheim, California, and will also host Session #15365 at the SHARE conference. Tone's session, entitled "STEPLIB, ISPF, and JES Spool Management - Solving the Problems You Thought were Impossible" will be presented Wednesday, March 12th at 9:30am in the Platinum Ballroom Salon 9 of the Anaheim Marriott.

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