Tone's New OMC-FLASH 4.7.0 Expands JES2 and JES3 Management Capabilities

New OMC-FLASH Release Provides Full REXX API and Enhanced Resource and Output Control Functionality for Both JES2 and JES3

ANAHEIM, CA--(Marketwired - Feb 25, 2014) - Tone Software Corporation today announced release 4.7.0 of OMC-FLASH, their powerful JES2 and JES3 Spool Viewing and Management solution widely deployed in z/OS Mainframe data centers around the world. The enhanced release delivers many new system and user oriented capabilities, including a full REXX API to automate management functions in both JES2 and JES3 z/OS installations.

OMC-FLASH is a high-performance solution to manage JES spool operations across both JES2 and JES3, providing systems programmers, application programmers, and ISPF users with an efficient and effective method of viewing and controlling jobs, output, devices, resources, and workflows. Key enhancements for OMC-FLASH release 4.7.0 include a new JES3 spool volume display facility to display and modify JES3 spool definitions, a new SEARCH command to search the output of all jobs in the display for matching pattern(s), enhanced SYSLOG displays showing new data whenever users page up or down, a 64 bit storage utilization option, and an extensive list of over 50 new display fields such as record format, priority, lrecl, and many more.

The most significant benefit of the OMC-FLASH 4.7.0 release is the new OMC-Flash REXX API (Application Program Interface) that provides users with a powerful tool to automate the execution of OMC-FLASH commands against JES jobs using the REXX programming language. The new REXX API can be invoked under OMC-FLASH, under ISPF outside of OMC-FLASH, from TSO READY, or through a batch job to automatically perform functions and actions that were previously only available to online users. For example, the REXX API can retrieve a list of currently active jobs, jobs that ended with specific return codes, or jobs that were submitted by specific users -- all without user interaction. The new facility expedites overall job and output management functions which results in significant manpower savings for repetitive or common tasks, and increased productivity for OMC-FLASH users.

"The new OMC-FLASH 4.7.0 release is a significant milestone for JES2 and JES3 z/OS users, providing an impressive toolset to automate and control jobs, job output, and manage JES operations across both the JES2 and JES3 architecture," stated Shirley Balarezo, President of Tone Software. "Using OMC-FLASH 4.7.0, users have the optimum solution to increase both human and machine productivity with a full REXX API, numerous new display options, and flexible search capabilities," she added.

Tone's new OMC-FLASH 4.7.0 release is certified for all levels of z/OS including z/OS 2.1 and is available immediately. To provide mainframe users with more in-depth information about Tone's new OMC-FLASH 4.7.0, the Tone team will exhibit in Booth #113 at the upcoming SHARE Technology Exchange Expo in Anaheim, California, and will also host Session #15365 at the SHARE conference. Tone's session, entitled "STEPLIB, ISPF, and JES Spool Management - Solving the Problems You Thought were Impossible" will be presented Wednesday, March 12th at 9:30am in the Platinum Ballroom Salon 9 of the Anaheim Marriott.

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