Swiftype Releases Groundbreaking Site Search Marketing Analytics Package

Swiftype Analytics Transforms Site Search Into Powerful Marketing Platform That Can Deliver Real-Time Actionable Data on What Customers Are Looking For, Finding, and Even What They Aren't Finding

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 4, 2014) - Swiftype, the company that created site search as a service and forever changed how publishers offer search to consumers, unveiled today the industry's first suite of marketing analytics dashboards that will give publishers unprecedented abilities to see in real-time what customers are looking for on their sites and perhaps more importantly what they are seeking and not finding.

The Swiftype Site Search Marketing Analytics Solution is a major step forward for the category and a major step forward in the company's mission to transform site search into a powerful marketing and conversion tool for web and mobile businesses.

For the first time, publishers can see in real-time what consumers are typing in the search box and whether the results presented are converting. Current solutions provide limited analytics in spreadsheets or reports that are outdated by the time they are delivered. Being able to identify key issues in real-time is paramount to online businesses. With Swiftype's new analytics offering, you can see what your customers are searching for, clicking on, and engaging with, all while they are still on your website.

"Site search needs to deliver more to businesses than a search box," said Quin Hoxie, of Swiftype. "This new analytics solution really gives publishers more insight into what's being typed into that search box as it happens. More importantly, publishers can analyze every day or every hour how they can better utilize search to convert customers based on what they are looking for."

The full analytics suite includes the following: Live analytics, Top searches, Top underserved searches, Top autocomplete conversions, Top converting content, Search trends per page, Data export, and Search trends by query.

Swiftype is a search as a service platform that allows developers to add modern search to their products in under a minute. Once installed, technical and business users alike can control their on-site search results using a drag-and-drop interface and understand what users are searching for with Swiftype's rich analytics. This is all available at https://swiftype.com.

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