Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum and Awards Show Preps Sponsorship & Naming Rights Upfront Mixer NYC 2nd Qtr.

Hip Hop Hall of Fame to Prep Brands, Advertisers, and Record Labels for Sponsorships & Naming Rights on TV Show, Floors, Exhibits, Marquee, Bar, Live Events and Programming

NEW YORK, March 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Museum and Entertainment Complex coming to Midtown Manhattan, and its flagship Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show that returns this May 2014 with its first broadcast since on BET Cable Network in the 1990s, are preparing corporate brands, advertising agencies, record labels, marketing and media planners for its Official Sponsorships, Naming Rights, and Entertainment Industry Upfront Event in NYC 2nd Quarter 2014. HHHOF Museum representatives plan to generate over $100M from long term partnerships with major brands on exclusive categories, facilities, and targeted co-branded content.

The HHHOF Brands will offer an array of Sponsorship and Branding opportunities for National Corporate Brands, Products, Service Providers, and Facility Vendors. These offers will include multi-year official category sponsorships for Soft Drinks, Beer Distributors, Sports Drinks, Automobiles/Trucks, Consumer Electronics, Tech, Wireless phones, Alcohol Spirits, Snacks, Candy, Fast Food, Computers, Athletic Shoes, Fashions, Sporting Goods, Online & Search Services, Credit Cards, Hotels, Health and Homecare Products, Services, and more. 

Corporate sponsor partners will have advertising and naming opportunities on-site in multiple locations throughout the facility to include the Themed Restaurant, Concert Lounges, Live Event Stages, Television & Music Studios, Arcade, Community Rooms, Retail Gift Store, and Outdoor signage. It will also include the building Marquee, Video Walls, Full Floors, Exhibits, Displays, Galleries, Commissioned works, 200 Live Events & Concerts annually, Tours, Community Programs, Archives and Library. The Kids Mascot B-Boy Scratch will mentor over 20,000 NYC public school children per year with special music, history, and educational field trips to the Urban Theme Park.

The HHHOF will also utilize and serve these lucky brands, drinks, products and services in daily operations at the facility, and incorporate them into the fabric of the museums attractions and architecture. "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for major corporate brands to stake a claim in the Global Hip Hop phenomenon and Youth Demographics ages 12-24, and their families 25-55 who spend and influence over $500 Billion per year on products, services, and technology," stated JT Thompson the Chairman and Creator-Executive Producer of the Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards Show.

The facility will serve 1,000,000 visitors, fans, tourists, and students annually. It will produce 300 jobs, internships, host live events and educational programs for people of all ages. The socio-economic impact in NYC is estimated over $350M annually from on-site and off-site programs, tourism, B2B local commerce, consumer spending, and city revenues. Construction on the site will begin later this year and will take 18-24 months to complete. HHHOF will open a temporary Pop-Up Hip Hop Museum in Harlem this fall. For more information contact hiphophofstaff@gmail.com


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