ClariPhy Samples Single-Carrier 200G Coherent SoC

LightSpeed-II™ CL20010 offers Programmable Modulation Critical in Deployment of Software Defined Networks Supporting 400G, 200G and 100G Transport

IRVINE, CA--(Marketwired - Mar 5, 2014) -   ClariPhy Communications, Inc., a leading developer of ultra-high speed systems-on-chip (SoCs) for data networking, today announced that it is sampling its LightSpeed-II™ CL20010 SoC to customers for 200G and 400G dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) transport applications. The CL20010 supports single-carrier 200G transmission using 16QAM modulation, which when combined with its integrated transmit filtering capabilities, enables dual-carrier 400G superchannels on 75GHz DWDM spacing. This represents a fiber capacity increase of 170% versus today's 100G coherent systems while reducing cost per bit by nearly half, presenting a compelling value proposition to carriers who are increasingly gearing up for 200G and 400G deployments. As a standard product that is generally available to the industry, the 28nm CMOS SoC will greatly expand carriers' choice of 200G and 400G suppliers beyond the few OEMs who have developed the technology internally, while redefining the state of the art in performance and power efficiency.

The CL20010 acts as a single chip OTN muxponder, multiplexing two independent 100G client signals (either OTU4 or 100G Ethernet) onto a single DWDM wavelength over the same optics that are used for 100G coherent transmission (hence the reduction in cost per bit). The SoC offers additional advanced features like high-gain soft decision forward error correction (SDFEC), digital transmit filtering supporting flexible grid DWDM, and high-performance carrier recovery that provides the robustness to phase noise that is required with 16QAM modulation. Furthermore the CL20010 supports standard 100G QPSK modulation with industry leading OSNR performance, providing carriers with the flexibility of using a single, software programmable line card for 200G and 400G transmission at reaches exceeding 600km as well as 100G transmission exceeding 3500km.

ClariPhy is shipping a 200G coherent reference design based on the CL20010 and best-in-class optical components from its ecosystem partners. (See "ClariPhy Announces 200G Coherent Optical Reference Design in Collaboration with Ecosystem Partners at ECOC 2013".) ClariPhy and its partners have worked closely together to optimize performance of this reference design, offering OEMs a highly integrated, fast time to market solution that addresses rapidly growing demand for 200G and 400G coherent transmission. Additionally, ClariPhy is collaborating with leading pluggable optical module suppliers and with the Optical Interworking Forum (OIF) to ensure compatibility and highest performance with the coherent CFP2 implementation agreement that is under development in the OIF.

Glenn Wellbrock, director of optical transport networks at Verizon, was recently interviewed in LIGHTWAVE magazine about Verizon's experience and plans for 200G 16QAM coherent technology. (See "Verizon's Wellbrock talks metro 100G, 200G".) Said Wellbrock, "We have reached the conclusion that [200G 16QAM coherent] is a viable technique, again for relatively short distances in a long-haul environment. I'm sure we'll test it in a metro environment as well, although there I would expect it to perform even better, because the distance requirements are much shorter. But all in all I do believe it's a very viable technique, it worked well, and I'm certain you'll see us making announcements in the future."

"We are proud to announce the sampling of the CL20010 SoC to our customers," said Nariman Yousefi, chief executive officer of ClariPhy. "As a member of the LightSpeed-II product family that will greatly expand carriers' access to coherent technology, the CL20010 offers a dramatic value proposition in terms of fiber capacity and cost per bit."

The CL20010 is sampling now and will be in production this year. ClariPhy will show a live demonstration of the CL20010 in its private suite at the OFC trade show in San Francisco, California, March 9-13, 2014. Access to the demonstration is by invitation only.

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ClariPhy Communications, Inc. develops mixed signal, advanced digital signal processing (MXSP) SoCs targeting multi-mode, multi-rate high performance optical network applications at 10, 40, 100, and 200G via the industry's most comprehensive product portfolio. ClariPhy is unique in the industry by offering a "One Stop Shop" approach, with all significant intellectual property (IP) developed in-house, providing ICs to its customers with superior feature sets and accelerated time-to-market (TTM). ClariPhy's LightSpeed™ and LightSpeed-II™ SoCs increase capacity and reach while eliminating costly regeneration equipment, simplifying network management and lowering system CAPEX and OPEX costs. ClariPhy is headquartered in Irvine, California with offices in Los Altos, California and Cordoba, Argentina.

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