DilogR Debuts First Fully Integrated, Interactive Consumer Engagement Tool

Versatile Platform Leverages Videos, Slides and Photos to Transform Content Into Conversations to Produce Power Analytics and Drive Sales

AUSTIN, TX--(Marketwired - Mar 10, 2014) - DilogR (www.dilogr.com) today unveiled the world's first integrated system for creating interactive mobile and social videos, presentations and interactive video, slide and photo banner ads at Startup Debut SXSW 2014 in Austin, Tex. DilogR combines the power of video and slides with conditional branching, social sharing and deep analytics to create 1:1 conversations that identify, engage, segment and reward prospective and loyal customers in real time.

"We've found that the biggest challenge for businesses is engaging customers amid a sea of noise and then keeping their attention long enough to understand them and offer a solution," said Gary Spirer, CEO of DilogR. "We've created a suite of interactive tools that enable you to engage customers at scale in virtual 1:1 conversations to ask questions, capture their answers, and based upon those, send back a tailored response, all while measuring and recording the metrics."

DilogR's graphic interface is simple enough for even the least tech-savvy people to use, letting them quickly and easily create and distribute interactive projects to engage customers where they are: on mobile, social, blogs, websites and email to promote sharing and drive action.

For more information and a sample video, please visit www.dilogr.com.

About DilogR

With so much happening online, it can be difficult for businesses to get to know their prospects and customers, and what they really want. DilogR's interactive videos, slideshows and banner ads enable businesses to capture their customers' attention and discover what they want and desire. DilogR was built to enable businesses to quickly and easily segment and respond to their prospects with content and offers that are relevant to them. DilogR's browser-based control suite enables non-technical personnel to rapidly create and deploy interactive content that captures customers' intentions and reactions in real time. DilogR is intuitive, useful and powerfully integrated with the CRM and marketing automation systems that businesses depend on. For more information, visit www.dilogr.com.