Debra Messing & Celebrity Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg Team Up With the Makers of ZYRTEC(R) to Provide Makeup Musts for Combating ALLERGY FACE(TM)

Insider Makeup Tips Utilize the Hottest Spring Trends to Help Female Sufferers Look Their Best This Allergy Season

FORT WASHINGTON, PA--(Marketwired - Mar 18, 2014) -  The makers of ZYRTEC® are thrilled to announce they are partnering with actress and allergy sufferer Debra Messing and celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg to provide female allergy sufferers the makeup musts for combating ALLERGY FACE™ beauty challenges this spring.

"I can't let beauty challenges from my allergies like watery eyes, a puffy face or red nose hold me back from looking my best on a red carpet or the Broadway stage," said Messing. "Thankfully, beauty gurus -- like Jamie -- understand the allergy-related beauty challenges that women face and can teach us the easiest ways to stay gorgeous during allergy season."

Greenberg -- who is also an allergy sufferer -- has worked with many celebrity clients who have to deal regularly with the beauty blunders caused by allergies. To help all women tackle ALLERGY FACE™, while staying current with the hottest trends, Greenberg has curated six "looks" for the makers of ZYRTEC® that will help females look their best this season.

"When suffering from ALLERGY FACE™, there are a few simple makeup tips and tricks that can help you disguise redness and reduce the appearance of puffiness," said Greenberg. "The looks that I have created for the makers of ZYRTEC® will help allergy sufferers find the right makeup solutions for every occasion from casual to high-glam."

To unveil her ALLERGY FACE™ looks, including a special look inspired by and featuring Messing, Greenberg will bring her beauty expertise to the 40th annual Macy's Flower Show® in New York City to help allergy sufferers look beautiful. Flower Show attendees will have the chance to sit down at the ALLERGY FACE™ Beauty Counter, which is sponsored by the makers of ZYRTEC®, for a one-on-one personal beauty consultation. The beauty technicians, who have been trained by Greenberg on her trend-inspired looks, will also share top beauty tips for achieving the ALLERGY FACE™ looks at home. 

The ALLERGY FACE™ Beauty Counter will be open March 24 through March 26 from 3:00 pm EDT to 7:00 pm EDT in the world's largest beauty department of the newly renovated Main Floor of Macy's Herald Square. Flower Show visitors can email to schedule an appointment. 

The completed looks will also be featured during the spring allergy season on the ZYRTEC® Facebook page (, so allergy sufferers can get Greenberg's makeup tips and tricks. 

For more information on the ZYRTEC® Brand and other beauty tips to combat ALLERGY FACE™, visit or the ZYRTEC® YouTube Channel (

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The makers of ZYRTEC® offer products including ZYRTEC® Dissolve Tabs, Children's ZYRTEC® dissolve tabs, ZYRTEC® Tablets and ZYRTEC® Liquid Gels that all provide 24-hour allergy relief, and ZYRTEC®-D that provides the proven allergy relief of ZYRTEC® plus relief from nasal congestion and sinus pressure for a full 12-hours.

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