Bracketology Meets Money Management

"Bulls, Bears, & Basketball: Financial Planning for College Hoops Fans"


DALLAS, March 18, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If bracketology, March Madness, and the Final Four sounds more exciting than financial advice, then "Bulls, Bears, & Basketball: Financial Planning for College Hoops Fans," by Chuck Thoele (Brown Books Publishing Group) is for all basketball fans in need of financial security presented in an entertaining manner.

Drawing parallels to March Madness and the Final Four championship tournament, Thoele compares real-life game situations, over achieving teams, and coaching genius to teach readers the essential lessons and key principles that can be applied to obtaining financial security. Like any competitive sport, a financial championship depends on charting a successful game plan.

Whether basketball or personal finance, you need to assess your team, scout the competition, perfect your strategy, play offense and defense, and always keep an eye on the clock! It's March Madness meets Money Management.

He makes the case that average investors can learn a lot from their heroes. For example, what can legendary UCLA coach John Wooden teach us about personal financial planning? How do Georgetown's shot-blocking big men relate to investing strategy? And what does Christian Laettner's famous last-second shot have to do with leaving a financial legacy for your family?

Bernie Clark, Executive Vice-President, Advisory Services, Charles Schwab & CO., Inc., says "Whether zone or man-to-man, defense, "Bulls, Bears & Basketball" will teach readers a unique approach to creating a financial game plan."

"Thoele is able to demonstrate in a unique and creative manner how the strategies and lessons learned in basketball competition can apply to personal financial management," says Coach Steve Alford, UCLA Bruins Men's Basketball team. "By making such a convincing analogy, he succeeds in instructing the reader in a decision-making process that can be easily understood, simple to apply, and entertaining at the same time."

Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks' owner says, "Thoele has mastered the art of teaching key principles to building financial security for life by connecting two of his greatest loves--helping people manage their money and the annual NCAA Tournament known as March Madnes." Start charting your game plan for a financial championship!

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About the Author

Chuck Thoele is a partner at the independent advisory firm of Robertson, Griege, and Thoele, based in Dallas, TX, and Irvine, CA. He is a Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), and Certified Public Accountant (CPA), with more than thirty years of broad experience in many aspects of financial planning and investing. Chuck is active in the Dallas community, having served on the boards of various non-profit organizations benefiting underprivileged children, the arts, and education. He grew up in Indiana, is an Indiana University graduate, and is a die-hard college basketball fan.

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