DIY Grows as 2014 Home Improvement Trends Embrace the Unexpected With Mixed Materials and Personalized Spaces

Elmer's(R) ProBond Advanced Gives DIYers a "Smarter" Glue to Tackle Today's Top Trends

COLUMBUS, OH--(Marketwired - Mar 25, 2014) - Home improvement purchases grew 5.0% in 2012, reported by the Home Improvement Research Institute, with an expected growth of 6.9% in 2014-2015. As homeowners continue to update their homes, many are inspired to tackle more projects on their own. Social networks, such as Pinterest, are providing do-it-yourself solutions for recreating the latest trends and replicating many of the exquisite designs people are seeing in stores and catalogs. Magazines, video tutorials and home improvement shows encourage homeowners to look beyond traditional design and infuse a bit of their personality into their home projects. This influx of inspiration continues to push the envelope for project ideas and design trends are evolving rapidly.

Inspired by DIYers' desire to recreate today's trendiest projects, Elmer's® ProBond Advanced®, was designed specifically to help DIYers work with a variety of materials by bonding porous to non-porous materials with no foamy mess. As different materials are being used in a single project, ProBond Advanced delivers heavy-duty strength similar to a polyurethane glue with a cutting-edge "opposites attract" formula that eliminates messy foam residue. Whether you're bonding metal design accents to wood for a flea market flip or ceramic to drywall to replace a missing backsplash tile, opposites attract as ProBond Advanced makes achieving your creative vision as easy as glue, clamp and relax.

Go Ahead, Mix Materials

Many designers predict 2014 design trends will incorporate a variety of materials and textures. Vintage and contemporary design elements come together to create rustic contemporary looks. Mixing materials brings unexpected elements of warmth into spaces throughout the home. Designed specifically to bond a variety of mixed porous to non-porous surfaces, ProBond Advanced delivers the heavy-duty strength vital to any DIY project with ease of use and clean finished results. It's also nontoxic, so there's no need to worry about volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or needing ventilation for indoor projects. DIY can be a year-round pastime.

"With this incredible surge of interest in DIY projects and access to tutorials, we wanted to introduce a strong and durable construction adhesive that can deliver a professional finish on not only everyday fixes, but even the most innovative project ideas while also meeting the practical needs of DIYers across all levels of expertise," explains Elmer's Hardware Product Manager-Build & Repair, Emily Von Stein. "With ProBond Advanced, 'strength meets smart' as you are able to bond mixed materials with none of the mess you get from a polyurethane glue. Unlike polyurethane glues that can foam more than 200%, you don't have to monitor your project while the glue dries to still get a great-looking finished appearance."

Merging form and function

Today's home improvement trends no longer agree with "bigger is better" or splashy designs solely for design's sake. As baby-boomers consider their changing needs, many are opting to "age in place," rather than purchase a new home. Therefore, homeowners are trying to make their current space functional for their lifestyle without sacrificing their design tastes. For the aging population, this can include adding sleek, universal design-driven products to bathrooms and kitchens while enhancing lighting throughout the home. For a family of five, it may be motivated by a desire to reduce clutter by creating attractive storage space.

"People are finding ways to bring an element of surprise to functional pieces. Taking utilitarian items and helping them live a new, more beautiful life will enhance any space this season," according to designer, KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms. Get organized by incorporating stylish storage solutions and adding shelving or hidden baskets and hooks to a bookcase or behind a pantry door. A small amount of ProBond Advanced can bond tracks for sliding metal baskets to an upcycled cabinet to create a trendy, industrial storage piece.

It's time to upcycle

The best design can be inspired by a single element that celebrates something unique about the designer. Familiar pieces showcased in a special way can be a conversation starter at your next family gathering. Love cycling, but have an old bicycle that you don't ride anymore? Consider using its components to construct a unique piece of furniture to showcase your passion for the sport. One ProBond Advanced design series by Peter Debelak, co-owner of Soulcraft Woodshop and Gallery, a membership-based community woodworking workshop, woodworking education center and gallery in Cleveland, Ohio, includes a rotating wine rack made out of a bicycle wheel with an LED backlight, as well as a shelf and coat rack constructed from repurposed bicycle crank-sets and handlebars.

A glue for every stage of your creativity

As the trends continue to evolve, the glue brand you grew up trusting delivers a mixed material formula as unique and versatile as your most creative home project ideas. Available in two-, four-, and eight-ounce bottles, ProBond Advanced helps you undertake projects quickly and easily, leaving you time to start planning your next one. It dries translucent, won't stain your hands and is washable when wet, making clean-up easy. With its 100% performance guarantee, ProBond Advanced continues to be the adhesive you can trust for your toughest and most creative DIY projects.

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