Doctorsoft Makes Choosing an EHR for Ophthalmology Easy

Ease-of-use and installation and a unique, intuitive interface are pushing Doctorsoft's cloud-based, ophthalmology-specific EHR to the forefront in 2014

Los Angeles, CA, March 31, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Ophthalmology practices in search of an electronic health record(EHR) solution which they can confidently purchase and use are increasingly finding their answer lies with Doctorsoft's easy-to-use, intuitive and affordable cloud-based, ophthalmology-specific EHR.

"This is definitely an EHR to consider and demo. I was surprised at how well it has been accepted by the staff," says Jim Patterson, MD, an ophthalmologist in Denver, CO. "DoctorSoft was cheaper and easier to implement into the practice than I ever imagined. Because it is cloud-based, updates to the program come frequently to continually improve the application. Check it out," Patterson continued.

Ophthalmic practices, like many other medical practices in the United States, are making the leap into the EHR world in 2014 and they are becoming much more experienced with what to look for.

"They are asking the right questions and they know now that the most important factors to consider are efficiency and ease-of-use, as well as cost, when choosing and using an EHR. We(Doctorsoft) offer an EHR that is easy-to-use, navigate, learn and install. In the past, achieving all of that cost effectively, or even some it, with an EHR was very difficult," says Tamil M. Singh, Sales & Marketing Director of Doctorsoft Corporation  .

Practices in search of and reviewing EHRs are coming off of the fence and making the purchase after they see that Doctorsoft's EHR is not like the rest. Doctorsoft is making it much easier and pain-free than in the past to choose and purchase an EHR.  

"What we are seeing now compared to years past," Singh comments, "is doctors, administrators, CEOs and practice managers, etc… are understanding much better what it means to use an EHR effectively. Since August of 2013 we have been scaling up our infrastructure to meet the demands of our new and old customers. Two Thousand and Fourteen is going to be a very busy year for us. We welcome the challenge," says Singh.

About Doctorsoft Corporation:

Doctorsoft is the premier EHR solution for ophthalmologists. We provide our customers a comprehensive EHR that includes integrated diagnostic image viewing, eRx, an intuitive drawing tool, our patented single-page exam view as well as other easy-to-use features. With a cloud-based EHR designed for ophthalmologists, by ophthalmologists, Doctorsoft is the most efficient, affordable and hassle-free solution for your state-of-the-art ophthalmic practice.


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