Hip Hop Hall of Fame to Announce Inductees and VIP Fan Membership Drive at Video Shoot & Press Conference

The Midtown HHHOF Museum to Film Informercial and Hold Press Conference on April 24th at the National Black Theater in Harlem Launching the 350k VIP Fan Membership Drive for Harlem Pop-Up Museum

NEW YORK, April 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Awards TV Show, and the Hip Hop Hall of Fame + Museum are set to announce the first 2014 Inductees into the Hip Hop Hall of Fame during its Informercial video shoot and press conference on Thursday April 24th at the National Black Theater in Harlem, NYC. The 30 minute promotional video will include footage from the first HHHOF Awards Show that aired on BET Cable Network in the 1990s, with commentary from the Development, Marketing, and Executive Team of the multi-million dollar Midtown Manhattan HHHOF Museum & Entertainment Complex.

This event will also kick-off an aggressive drive for the VIP Founding Fans Membership Campaign where the first 350,000 VIP Fans to join for $35 at http://hiphophof.org will be 'enshrined' in a real life 'Fan Wall of Fame Exhibit' inside the HHHOF Museum with their picture, and a 20 second video clip of why they love hip hop when it opens in 2016. Fans will also receive a VIP 10% discount on all Merchandise, Events, and Products. "This membership drive/crowd-funding campaign is designed to allow the HHHOF to open a Pop-Up Hip Hop Museum and permanent offices in Harlem late 2014," stated Creator/Chairman JT Thompson. The Social Media Campaign will include 60+ of our Alliance Members, Partners, Artists, and Community Groups engaging our friends, fans, and associates on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest with weekly posts and updates.

The Press Conference will be scheduled to unveil the 2014 HHHOF Awards Inductees prior to the Informercial video shoot, and include Developers and Senior Advisers Creator/Chairman JT Thompson, Easy AD of the Cold Crush Brothers, Roxanne Shante Author, and Juice Crew Member, DJ Lord YodaX of the Crash Crew and Zulu Nation, Debbie D of the US Girls and Beatstreet film, Shabba Doo of the Breakin film series, James Top of the Graffiti HOF, and Derrick Haynes Entrepreneur/Community Organizer to answer questions in regards to Inductees, Museum, Programming, Education, Exhibits, and Community Initiatives. "The flagship Show is moving forward with regional Legends Appreciation Shows in Los Angeles, and Atlanta," stated DJ Lord YodaX.

The HHHOF will include the Museum, Retail Store, Sports Bar, Arcade, Restaurant, Concert Lounge, and Television Studios. The facility will serve 1,000,000 visitors, fans, tourists, and students annually. It will produce an estimated 300 jobs, internships, and host over 200 live events and educational programs for people of all ages. The socio-economic impact in NYC is estimated at over $350M annually. Construction on the site will begin later this year and will take 18-24 months to complete. For all Press & Media Inquiries Contact Michelle Huff at 212-239-1732. For more Museum and RFP information contact hiphophofstaff@gmail.com or visit http://hiphophof.org.


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