Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Launches Medication Management Transitions of Care Program

Memphis, Tennessee, UNITED STATES

MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS), the nation's largest pharmacy services provider, today launched a comprehensive medication management transitions of care program for hospitals and health systems. The program reduces readmissions, lowers costs, improves clinical outcomes and decreases adverse drug events in chronic diseases and complex high-risk populations.

The CPS program, called "RxTransitions," is provided through proven TelePharmacy capabilities using multi-media communications based on patient preferences and needs. Experienced and trained clinical pharmacists working from the CPS TelePharmacy location use standardized, evidence-based algorithms when interacting with patients and caretakers from the pre-hospital discharge period, through thirty days post-discharge.

In 2010, Medicare spent $17.5 billion on hospital readmissions and currently hospitals face up to a 3% penalty on their total Medicare reimbursement if they surpass an expected readmission rate. Providing expert medication reconciliation and continued management for the early post-acute transition phase by a pharmacy professional has been proven to reduce readmission rates by over 50%, according to a University of California study published in the American Journal of Medicine. CPS RxTransitions seamlessly integrates and augments a hospital's existing discharge and transition of care processes. RxTransitions provides pre-discharge medication reconciliation and coaching by a pharmacist, 48 hours post discharge follow-up and thirty day - 24/7 access to a pharmacist for the referred patients, effectively extending an expert and critical service beyond the hospital walls.

"We know that most readmissions and early failures of medical care goals relate to medication management, and that the early phase following discharge from the hospital represents one of the highest cost-of-care periods for Medicare recipients," said Hoda Asmar, M.D., Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for CPS. "RxTransitions represents CPS's commitment to developing and implementing continuous medication management solutions that lower costs, reduce waste, and improve health care outcomes."

The RxTransitions program delivers measurable benefits by:

  1. Reducing hospital readmissions, related costs and penalties.
  2. Reducing adverse events and improving adherence to medication regimen.
  3. Reducing emergency and unscheduled medical visits of discharged high risk patients.
  4. Improving patient engagement with therapeutic goals and satisfaction with overall care.

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