Sauce Labs Announces Support for Appium 1.0, Expands Support for Testing Mobile Applications on Its Cloud

As Mobile Development Booms, Appium Has Emerged as the Leading Automation Platform for Testing Mobile Applications, Seeing a 10-Fold Increase in Use on the Sauce Labs Cloud in Recent Months

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - May 6, 2014) - Sauce Labs Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based test automation services for mobile and web applications, today announced that it has added support for Appium 1.0 to its services. The announcement underscores the growing importance of mobile platforms for commercial applications and the need to introduce agile practices and automation into every step of software development and deployment processes. Along with Appium 1.0 support, Sauce is further expanding its mobile test cloud with additional platforms, raising the supported options to more than 60 different device configurations. 

Sauce's mobile offering has continued to expand since adding support for testing mobile web applications in 2012. In 2013 Sauce added support for automated testing of native and hybrid mobile apps with early versions of Appium, a cross-platform open source mobile automation framework. Sauce Labs has become a major contributor to the project. Appium has skyrocketed in popularity in the past year, and was named a 2013 Open Source Rookie of the Year by open source management & consulting firm Black Duck. Appium is already used by dozens of organizations, including companies such as Expedia, Gilt Groupe, LinkedIn, Lookout, Okta, Travelocity and Zoosk.

"I am delighted to see Appium reaching maturity and gaining industry support. This has been an exciting project from the day one, attracting help from an extensive and extremely talented community," says Jonathan Lipps, chief architect for the Appium Project and Director of Ecosystem & Integrations at Sauce Labs. "Appium 1.0 is ready to play an important role for mobile development teams that want to use automated functional testing as a fully integrated step in continuous integration and continuous deployment processes for mobile apps."

Sauce Labs eases Appium adoption by providing users with instantly available infrastructure for app testing, covering an ever-expanding range of iOS and Android devices. By using the Sauce Labs cloud, users get scale, speed, and the convenience of integrated debugging tools, while avoiding the overhead of setting up and maintaining a local device infrastructure.

All platforms share the benefits of being scalable, fast, and instantly available, so they can be used for automated functional testing that fits into the workflow of the modern, agile organization focused on delivering quality apps with ease and speed. The constant addition of more platforms to its cloud reflects Sauce Labs' commitment to a continuing expansion in the growing field of automated mobile application testing.

"Across industries worldwide, web and mobile applications are driving business, and in the development community, Continuous Integration (CI) practices are being adopted more rapidly than ever to ensure that applications effectively meet high expectations and growing demands," said Steve Hazel, Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Sauce Labs. "We're seeing an explosion of mobile teams adopting CI processes and incorporating automated mobile testing into their workflows."

Sauce Labs customers depend on Sauce Labs for their test automation initiative for mobile applications:

"Our development process depends on testing for every build so we can find and fix issues early. Sauce Labs is instrumental in giving us the ability to test at scale, reducing our testing time and improving our development team's efficiency. They are bringing us that same scale and instant access for mobile platforms now, too. No one else has been able to deliver on the promise of a CI-ready mobile cloud," says Denali Lumma, Director of QA at Okta.

"By allowing us to leverage our existing Selenium infrastructure, Appium has drastically reduced the effort required to build effective UI tests for our Mobile apps. The fact that it's backed by Sauce Labs is just icing on the cake!" says Matt Isaacs, Software Engineer at Gilt.

"Appium will do for mobile testing on multiple devices and platforms what Selenium did for browser testing on multiple browsers and operating systems. It's the answer to the question 'How am I going to test this?!'" says Dan Doveralba, Principal QA Engineer at Lookout.

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