Melissa Data's MatchUp for SQL Server Solves Duplicate Customer Records for Data Integrators

Powerful Data Quality Tool Consolidates Duplicates Into Single Golden Record; Objective Data Quality Score Uniquely Determines Most Accurate Customer Information

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CA--(Marketwired - May 8, 2014) - Melissa Data, a leading provider of contact data quality and integration solutions, today announced its TechEd 2014 exhibit will feature new matching and de-duplication functionality in the company's MatchUp Component for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Based on proprietary logic from Melissa Data, MatchUp consolidates duplicate customer records objectively, unlike any other data quality solution. Uniquely assessing the quality of individual data fields, MatchUp determines the best pieces of data to retain versus what to discard -- enabling a smart, consistent method for data integrators to determine the best customer contact information in every field.

"A single, accurate view of the customer, known as the golden record, is the ideal for any business relying on customer data -- reducing waste, optimizing marketing outreach and improving customer service. Yet common methods for matching and eliminating duplicate customer records involve subjective rules that don't consider the accuracy of the data itself," said Bud Walker, director of data quality solutions at Melissa Data. "MatchUp's intelligent rules offer a smarter, more consistent method for determining what information survives in the database and why. It's a critical data quality function that dramatically improves business operations."

MatchUp assesses the content within the customer record, in contrast to matching and de-duplication methods that rely solely on subjective principles, such as whether the record is the most recent, most complete or most frequent. Instead, selection criteria for determining a golden record is based on a relevant data quality score, derived from the validity of customer information such as addresses, phone numbers, emails and names.

Once the golden record is identified intelligently, MatchUp further references the data quality score during survivorship processes to support creation of an even better golden record; duplicate entries are then collapsed into a single customer record while retaining any additional information that may also be accurate and applicable. MatchUp relies on deep domain knowledge of names and addresses for survivorship operations, used to granularly identify matches between names and nicknames, street/alias addresses, companies, cities, states, postal codes, phones, emails, and other contact data components.

MatchUp is part of Melissa Data's Data Quality Components for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), a suite of custom data cleansing transformation components for Microsoft SSIS, used to standardize, verify, correct, consolidate and update contact data for the most effective business communications. The suite further includes selected Community Editions for simple data quality procedures, free to developers and downloadable with no license required. Community Editions include Contact Verify CE for address, phone and name parsing, and email syntax correction; MatchUp CE provides simple matching and de-duplication without advanced survivorship operations, for up to 50,000 records using nine basic matchcodes.

Melissa Data will be demonstrating its MatchUp Component for SSIS at booth #1934 during Microsoft TechEd, May 12-15, 2014 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, TX. To download a free trial of Melissa Data's MatchUp Component for SSIS, click here; to request access to Melissa Data's free Community Editions, click here or call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772).

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