Autism Author and First Appointed State Councilmember with Autism Share Top Five Upsides to Living with Autism as an Adult

Bestselling Memoir Author Monica Holloway and Son Team Up With Councilmember Brian Gutierrez About the Benefits of Autism in Adulthood

Riverside, California, UNITED STATES

LOS ANGELES, May 14, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People with autism often lead successful and diverse lives as adults, contributing many unique talents and abilities to their environment and the community. Many of us interact with people who have autism, and yet we may not even realize that an individual has a diagnosis says bestselling Author Monica Holloway and State Councilmember Gutierrez and Wills Price, Holloway's son with autism, in a new series of articles in Autism World:

To illustrate this point, the trio teamed up to offer five upsides to living with autism as an adult:

1. Vast reserves on knowledge on topics of interest

2. A greater degree of attention to detail

3. Great appreciation for small steps along the way to bigger milestones

4. Heightened senses or awareness

5. A different and unique perspective

6. Sensitivity to others in need

Says Holloway, "We encourage all our families and professionals to work together to help create self-advocacy opportunities as our children with autism grow into adulthood."

ABOUT MONICA HOLLOWAY: Monica Holloway is the bestselling author of Cowboy & Wills, a Mother's Choice Award's Gold recipient, and the critically-acclaimed author of the memoir Driving With Dead People. Holloway lives with her son and husband in Los Angeles.

ABOUT BRIAN GUTIERREZ: The youngest State Councilmember and the first person with autism appointed to State Council by Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. and nominated by California Senate Rules Committee was born in Southern California and was diagnosed late in childhood with Autism. At the age of 22, Gutierrez was officially appointed as State Councilmember for the California State Council on Developmental Disabilities. Since then, he has been working with local school districts, national nonprofits, and all other platforms to create opportunities for those with disabilities in the community.

ABOUT WILLS PRICE: Animal-lover, Baseball power hitter, and history buff, Wills Price is a person with autism and is currently a sophomore in a mainstream school. The subject of the book, Cowboy & Wills, an autism memoir, Wills has written jokes for the Lego Star Wars animated series, wrote two jokes for the 500th episode of the Simpsons, and helped to write the Simpsons episode "E Pluribus Wiggum" which was nominated for a Writers Guild Awards.


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