Appetize Partners With Spectrum Catering & Concessions to Bring Mobile Ordering & Transaction Capabilities to Marquis Roster of Outdoor Events & Music Festivals Nationwide

Convenient App Allows All Event/Concert Attendees to Easily Order and Pay for Food, Beverage and Merchandise & Have It Delivered

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Jun 5, 2014) - Appetize, the entertainment Point of Sale company, today announced a partnership with Spectrum Catering & Concessions to bring its robust POS platform, Appetize Activate & Appetize Connect, to marquis events nationwide including event concessions at sports stadiums and outdoor music festivals (including Bonnaroo, Forecastle and many others), the PGA Tour (Byron Nelson Championship, FedEx St. Jude Classic and more), and concessions at Broadway theaters.

The combination of Appetize and Spectrum Catering & Concessions, gives a myriad of major events across the country the ability to more easily fulfill orders and process transactions for every single dollar spent by event attendees. Through the Appetize app, event attendees can discover and purchase any concession or merchandise right from their smartphones and often have it delivered to where they are, depending on the venue.

The Appetize POS platform does not require an active Internet connection to work. The system's Offline mode allows vendors to accept beamed credit card payments via Bluetooth, a feature that prevents vendors from missing out on a sale because no Internet service is available.

Additionally, Appetize's newly integrated iBeacon and Gimbal support lets attendees order and pay over Bluetooth from their mobile devices at participating stands or via nearby hawkers or wait staff.

"Partnering with Appetize allowed us to give our event partners and vendors a powerful tool to more easily facilitate transactions, track sales, orders, inventory and more, while also bringing the ultimate convenience and premium experience to all event guests, not just VIPs," says Derek Mills, CFO, Spectrum Catering & Concessions. "Our strong roster of events, festivals and concerts coupled with their innovative platform, Appetize is on a clear path to become the industry standard among point of sale for outdoor festivals, venues and artists."

"We've been integrated into a number of venues and outdoor events since launching, but this partnership marks a new milestone for us," said Appetize Co-Founder Max Roper. "By partnering with Spectrum, we are empowering a marquis network of event partners and vendors with a comprehensive platform for connecting their front-end operations with back-end analytics to track sales, orders and inventory.

"But just as important, our app platform enables attendees of these events the ability to eliminate waiting at the concession lines between quarters, standing at the merchandise booth between sets or waiting for a custom cocktail at the bar. Attendees can order and receive food, drinks and merchandise right from the comfort of their seat via the Appetize App, improving the experience of every customer exponentially," Roper continued.

"Another area that's worth highlighting, is that our platform works offline," added Appetize Co-Founder Jason Pratts. "It's no secret that network and Wi-Fi connectivity at most outdoor events can be spotty at best, causing many vendors to turn away certain transactions. With Appetize, festival organizers and vendors won't miss a transaction because of lost connectivity and neither will attendees."

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Spectrum was founded in 1992 as a privately held corporation and is still so today. During its twenty year plus existence, it has grown exponentially year after year. Spectrum boasts clients ranging from multiple PGA tour stops, Broadway/Rock and Roll venues, and major music festivals.

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