Legends Business Group, Inc. Cannabis Update

Welcomes William Britt as a Consultant and Advisor of Operations

Miami, Florida, UNITED STATES

HENDERSON, Nev., June 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Legends Business Group, Inc. (OTC Markets:LGBS) announced today that the Company welcomes William Britt as a consultant and advisor of operations for the Company.

Mr. Britt has an extensive background in medical cannabis education and training and attended the NORML Conference in San Francisco/Los Angeles for 5 years. He is a court-qualified expert witness on all issues regarding marijuana with over fifteen years of experience. He has attended over 500 court proceedings throughout Southern California, and investigated more than 300 individual cases and testified as an expert on cannabis over 80 times.

He has visited and inspected over 50 indoor and outdoor legal medical cannabis cultivation sites and since January 2007 he has worked as amicus curae to several state and federal courts and jurists, including courts in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura.

In July 2004 Mr. Britt worked with and advised Long Beach Police Chief Anthony Batts to create police guidelines for medical marijuana in the city of Long Beach and has taught continuing education at UC Irvine Medical School for the Pain Management Center. He is a guest speaker at USC Keck School of Medicine on clinical applications of cannabis and has been a speaker at a Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics in Santa Barbara, CA from 1998 to the present. Mr. Britt is the Founder/Director of (APA) Association of Patient Advocates, Long Beach, CA, a non-profit organization, APA works with healthcare providers to advocate for patient rights, to improve services and to include the patient in healthcare policy decisions.

For more information about Mr. Britt please visit http://www.californiadispensaryinfo.com/about-us/

The Company would also like to add that we are still in open discussions with Cannabis Companies for a joint venture.

Bill Schaefer, President of Legends Business Group, Inc., stated, "Adding an asset like Mr. Britt to the company with his background and experience in the cannabis industry means a lot to the company and its shareholders."

For more information about Legends Business Group, Inc. please visit the Company's website at http://www.legendsbusinessgroupinc.com

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