Video Release -- Are Marijuana Edibles Safe? Meet the Experts Has Answers

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., July 7, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With medical marijuana on Florida's ballot for November, cannabis is the state's hottest topic. Thanks to New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, who was widely mocked for eating too much marijuana-infused chocolate, which left her "curled up in a hallucinatory state for the next eight hours," there is strong controversy, confusion and concern about the safety of edibles like pot brownies and candies.

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Well known Florida activist and educator, Robert Platshorn intends "to bring Florida the facts and clear away the rumors." Platshorn, who for the past four years has campaigned to educate seniors about medical marijuana with his Silver Tour Shows and his TV edumercial, Should Grandma Smoke Pot?, has added award winning edible producer, GFarma Labs founder Ata Gonzalez, to his July 19th Meet the Experts business conference.

For those who are determined not to inhale, lots of products have entered the market place. Among the most popular, are GFarma's award winning Liquid Gold Chocolates and mints. Almost any food can be cannabis infused; even beverages that start to take effect much more quickly than solid foods. Then there are various products, including ice cream, gum, concentrates, extracts, and tinctures, sucking candies, and dissolving strips, that deliver THC mainly through the mucus membrane of the mouth, avoiding the liver and hastening the psychoactive effect.

Gonzalez will address concerns about dosage, labeling, safety, quality control and packaging. Ata Gonzalez is a South Florida entrepreneur, author, and real estate investor, who leveraged his expertise in marketing and small business growth to become part of the burgeoning California marijuana industry in 2009. After attending Oaksterdam University and studying all phases of the marijuana market, Gonzalez honed his expertise in cultivation at a California-based Collective, ultimately learning the best ways to maximize productivity. Gonzalez went on to found GFarma Labs in 2013 after seeing the surging demand for cannabis edibles and extracts, and set out to establish a premier standard for product quality and consistency. Since inception, the company's edibles have garnered award winning acclaim thanks to Gonzalez's direction.

In addition to edibles, Platshorn's all day Meet the Experts conference includes a dozen stars of the cannabis industry. Discovery Chanel's Mike Boutin brings 30 years of experience growing real medical marijuana for real patients. Denver Relief Dispensary has been featured on 60 minutes. Bill Wohlsifer, candidate for Florida Attorney General, who wrote the proposed state marijuana regulations. Major Neill Franklin represents LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. Mike Minardi, Florida's top medical marijuana defense attorney. Irv Rosenfeld, stockbroker and federal cannabis patient. Two Florida doctors will speak on the medical uses for cannabis. And much more including conference producer, Robert Platshorn who was featured in the hit movie Square Grouper and spent 30 years in federal prison for smuggling marijuana into South Florida back in the 1970's and has spent the last 6 years fighting to end marijuana prohibition all over the country.


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