Microchips Reunite Lost Pets With Their Owners, Says Las Vegas Veterinarian

Las Vegas, Nevada, UNITED STATES

LAS VEGAS, July 13, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Las Vegas veterinarian Dr. David Drake is urging pet owners to microchip their pets if they have not already done so. Research shows that without a microchip, 90 percent of lost pets are never reunited with their owners. A microchip is a small device encoded with a unique serial number that is implanted between a pet's shoulders. Should a pet become lost, an animal shelter or veterinarian can scan the chip and securely access the owner's contact information to ensure a happy reunion.

Summertime is an especially common time for lost pets. Fireworks and cookouts create noise and confusion that can scare pets and cause them to run away or become lost. Las Vegas veterinarian Dr. Drake is reminding pet owners that microchipping their pets is the best insurance policy for ensuring a happy reunion between lost pets and owners.

"A staggering nine out of every 10 lost pets will never be reunited with their owners," said Dr. Drake. "Even worse, many of these pets will end up in animal shelters, where an estimated 30 to 60 percent of pets are ultimately euthanized. That's a fate no beloved family pet should suffer. Microchipping is an effective and permanent form of identification that helps return lost pets to their owners."

A microchip is no bigger than a grain of rice and contains a unique serial number. This serial number corresponds with the pet owner's contact information, which is stored in a secure database. Only approved veterinary hospitals and animal shelters have access to this database.

"A pet owner's private information is completely secure," said Dr. Drake. "We must first scan the microchip and then log into the database in order to match the serial number up with the pet owner. Once we have done this, we can contact the pet owner directly and facilitate a reunion between the pet owner and the lost pet."

Dr. Drake stressed that microchips are a safe, more reliable form of pet identification when compared with collar tags. Should a pet owner move or change phone numbers, the contact information on the tag can quickly become outdated. Replacing the tag can be a hassle, which means pets could become lost and not even have the correct contact information listed on their tags. In contrast, microchip contact information can be instantly updated in the secure database. It takes only minutes for a pet owner to log in and change their information.

The Las Vegas veterinarian also stressed that microchipping is an easy and safe procedure. While it is usually performed in conjunction with spay and neuter procedures, it can be done at any time. The staff at St. Francis Animal Hospital will also handle the initial registration for each pet.


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