ArmourLite Watch Company Continues to Introduce Innovative New Tritium Illuminated Watches

Interview with Mr. Ashley Diener, CEO and Founder of ArmourLite Watch Company


NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla., July 22, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mr. Ashley Diener is CEO and Founder of ArmourLite Watch Company.

Q: Tell us about your company. How did you get started?

Prior to founding the company, I used to represent other watch brands. I realized a need existed for a truly tough all-purpose tritium illuminated watch. My first goal was to tackle the vulnerability of traditional mineral watch crystals. Through an exhaustive research and development process we created a shatterproof crystal, Armourglass, which far surpasses the strength and durability of traditional crystals. As such, we became the industry's first manufacturer to combine shatterproof glass construction with tritium illumination.

Q: How strong is Armourglass?

Glass strength is rated in Vickers, a scale that measures the hardness of a material. Most mineral watch crystals are rated at 700 Vickers. Armourglass has been tested to a hardness of 6,000 Vickers.

Q: Is Armourglass found in all ArmourLite watches?
Armourglass is specifically designed for our stainless steel ArmourLite watches. Currently, Armourglass is found in our Professional Series, Automatic Series, Colorburst Series and Captain Field and Officer Series watches.
Q: What about the ArmourLite polycarbonate watches? What kind of crystal is found in those?
Our Caliber Series and all-new Navigator Diver Series feature anti-reflective scratch resistant sapphire crystal. This is the same kind of reliable crystal found in luxury watch brands such as Rolex and Breitling. We are very excited to release the Navigator Diver Series in late Fall 2014. The series will offer the world's first tritium illuminated watches to feature a screw down crown with lightweight polycarbonate case construction.
Q: Tell us about the Isobrite line of watches made by ArmourLite? What makes them unique?
In 2011, we proudly introduced the Isobrite watch line offering Swiss T100 tritium illumination, the world's brightest. The T100 tritium found in the Isobrite watches is up to four times brighter than the leading T25 models. Our first Isobrite watch was the ISO100, part of the Isobrite 100 Series, which became the world's first lightweight polycarbonate watch to feature T100 tritium illumination. We proceeded to introduce the Eclipse Series, the Valor Series, and the Chronograph Series, which offers the world's first lightweight polycarbonate chronograph watch to feature T100. Reliable Swiss movements power all the watches in the Isobrite line; with most featuring a 10-year lithium battery. This means less servicing and more time on your wrist!
Q: What is next for Isobrite?
At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in August we are introducing the all-new Isobrite Master Admiral Series and Isobrite Executive Series. These will be the first Isobrite watches to offer stainless steel construction combined with T100 tritium illumination. We are very excited about the Executive Series as it offers a Swiss ETA automatic movement.
Q: How can our readers find out more about your company?
More information about ArmourLite Watch Company can be found at or feel free to contact us toll-free at 1-888-355-4366 from Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm EST.
About ArmourLite Watch Company

ArmourLite Watch Company revolutionized the watch industry as the first manufacturer to combine shatterproof glass construction with Swiss tritium illumination. In 2011, the company introduced the Isobrite watch line, the first to combine ultra bright T100 tritium with ultra lightweight polycarbonate construction. Designed to meet the demanding needs of law enforcement officers, military personnel, first responders and extreme outdoorsmen, ArmourLite and Isobrite watches provide the ultimate synthesis of accuracy, durability, and ease of use in all lighting conditions. For more information, please visit or call 1-888-355-4366.
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