Market Data Management Solutions Provider, GlobalView, Adds NGX Real-Time Indices

CHICAGO, IL--(Marketwired - July 23, 2014) - GlobalView is pleased to announce that select NGX Canadian natural gas and crude oil index data is now available in real-time via MarketView. Customers already can access a full range of NGX settlement marks and index price details via their MarketView solutions. The addition of NGX real-time index data completes a full set of trusted Canadian energy benchmark and settlement information based on exchange traded physical natural gas, crude oil, and electricity products cleared and settled daily by NGX on behalf of its market participants.

Real-time NGX index data has been integrated into the MarketView platform for the following Canadian natural gas and crude oil indices:

Natural Gas:
 Crude Oil (monthly/daily versions of each index):
-- AB-NIT Same Day Index (CDN$/GJ)  -- TMX C5
  (including weekend)  -- TMX CAL
-- AB-NIT Month Ahead Index (7A)  -- TMX CLK
  (CDN$/GJ)  -- TMX HLT
-- AB-NIT Month Ahead Index (7A)  -- TMX LSB
  (Daily Average) (CDN$/GJ)  -- TMX M
-- AB-NIT Bidweek Index (CDN$/GJ)  -- TMX PSO
-- Union Dawn Day Ahead Index  -- TMX SW
  (US$/MMBtu) (including weekend)  -- TMX SYN
-- Spectra Station #2 Day Ahead Index  -- TMX UHC
  (CDN$/GJ) (including weekend)  -- TMX WCS
-- TCPL-Emerson 2 Day Ahead Index     
  (US$/MMBtu) (including weekend)     

GlobalView's fully hosted SaaS-based solution suite, MarketView®, virtually abolishes the need for on-site technology networks with its award-winning desktop and data management tools. The goal of this solution is to provide multiple avenues for monitoring and managing customer-proprietary market data and real-time or historical information to improve workflow and bolster mobility and flexibility.

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