ObsEva SA announced today it was granted JEDI status and European SME status

Plan-Les-Ouates Geneva, SWITZERLAND

Geneva, Switzerland, 23 July 2014 - ObsEva, a Swiss-based, specialty biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of innovative drugs for women's reproductive medicine, with a focus on therapies for preterm labor and infertility, announced today it has been awarded "JEDI" status by the Canton of Geneva, and European-SME status by the European Medicine Agency.

The JEDI status ("Jeune Entreprise Développant des Innovations"), which was created in 2010 by the Grand Council of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, identifies and recognises the innovative nature of ObsEva's business within the Geneva area and gives the Company further exposure in Switzerland. "We are proud to participate to the economic development of the Canton of Geneva, which creates and maintains a very start-up friendly environment for life sciences companies. The JEDI status will help facilitate ObsEva's relationships with the local authorities" said Ernest Loumaye, CEO and Co-Founder of ObsEva.

"Geneva plays a major role in health matters. It is a base for key players in life sciences, international organizations, research and academic institutions, start-up companies and large multinationals, who are concentrated in a small, attractive, geographic area. We are pleased to welcome ObsEva as a new player in this dynamic cluster." said Daniel Loeffler, director at the Geneva Economic Development Office.

ObsEva also announced today that the European Medicine Agency (EMA) has confirmed ObsEva's European Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) status. Following the European Commission's adoption of specific provisions on 15 December 2005, SME status is aimed at promoting innovation and the development of new medicines for human and veterinary use. The incentives offered include administrative and procedural assistance from the SME office and various fee reductions, exemptions and deferral.

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About ObsEva

ObsEva SA is a Swiss-based, specialty biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of innovative drugs for women's reproductive medicine. ObsEva was founded in November 2012, by Ernest Loumaye MD, PhD and André Chollet PhD. Ernest Loumaye is a specialist in female reproductive medicine with 20 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Ernest Loumaye was previously Co-Founder and CEO of PregLem SA, a successful biopharmaceutical company which was acquired by Gedeon Richter in 2010. André Chollet is specialist in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry with more than 30 years of experience in various positions in the biopharmaceutical industry, including in Biogen, GSK and Merck Serono. André Chollet was responsible for the preterm labor program at Serono before the acquisition of the company by Merck KGaA.

ObsEva's founding assets are innovative products at early stages of clinical development addressing preterm labor and infertility treatment as well as additional indications in reproductive medicine.

For more information, please visit www.obseva.com.

For further information, please contact ObsEva CEO Office:
Delphine Renaud
Tel: +41 22 552 1550
Email: delphine.renaud@obseva.ch


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