Give2Asia Releases First-Year Report on Northern Indian Floods


SAN FRANCISCO, July 29, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Over the past year, Give2Asia, a San Francisco-based 501(c)3 social enterprise with operations in 24 Asian countries, has been overseeing disaster recovery efforts in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand following flash floods that affected nine districts throughout the region. The floods, which were responsible for the deaths of 5,700 people, had a tremendous impact on the local communities within the northern Himalayan state.

As part of its commitment to report back to its donors, Give2Asia released a first-year report detailing the ongoing recovery projects funded in 2013. The report details a diverse recovery strategy that addressing immediate and long-terms needs, including funding the transportation of vital materials to remote areas, rebuilding schools and homes, creating alternative sources of livelihood and electricity, as well as educating local communities about disaster preparedness measures.

"'Disaster recovery' should address the broader needs of those affected," Give2Asia's northern India field advisor Surya Loonker explained. "Thousands lost everything they had - livelihood, life savings, and belongings - but the finding the thousands who died was probably the most difficult part."

Even as affected communities begin to show fragile signs of recovery, Uttarakhand is now facing the threat of even more flooding after continuous rains through the latter part of July. Luckily, the experience from the year before has better prepared local and national government agencies to coordinate recovery efforts if needed.

Today, some villages remain isolated and many reconstruction projects have yet to be completed. The region's largest industry, religious tourism, has not fully recovered and many in the region are still seeking alternative means of income.

About Give2Asia Disaster Response

Give2Asia has responded to nearly 40 natural disasters in the Asia Pacific region during the past 10 years, including five in the Philippines. Give2Asia's strategy is to support recovery by partnering with local groups based within affected communities and to engage in multi-year programs to support rebuilding, economic recovery, psychosocial programs and other needs that may arise following a disaster. Give2Asia reports back to donors on every dollar spent. Learn more about Give2Asia's disaster response strategy at

Contributions to the Typhoon Yolanda Recovery Fund go to support immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts of affected communities. Organizations or individuals interested in supporting through advised grants to local charitable organizations should contact Give2Asia by emailing

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