Comprehensive Online Resource Places Power and Information In Users Hands

Data Base Provides Easy Access to Status of New, Top-Level Domains


WASHINGTON, Aug. 6, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- FairWinds Partners, a strategic domain name consultancy, is eager to share a newly updated online resource at to help familiarize businesses and consumers with new generic top-level domains (gTLDs).
As Internet use and dependence on the net increases, consumers need to know what to expect in the expanded domain name space and businesses need to know where to direct resources to increase website traffic and conversions.
"Clients have told us that the Beyond the Dot site a great tool for explaining new gTLDs to stakeholders inside their companies," said FairWinds Vice President of Policy and External Relations, Michelle Sara King, who advises Fortune 500 clients on the ways in which ICANN and other Internet policies will impact their businesses. "I have also sent it to friends and colleagues outside of the domain industry who are unfamiliar with gTLDs, and they found the site helpful."
The easy-to-use tools and valuable information are accessible at no cost. Instead of wading through complex, official documents about each new gTLD, the website's New gTLD Database allows Internet users to quickly identify the nature and status of a new extension. For example, the database provides information about when and if a gTLD will be available to the public for registration and whether or not it is live on the Internet. An easy-to-use glossary and FAQ on the same site provide additional information. Users may also stay informed about new gTLDs by signing up for launch alerts via email.
Since the end of 2013, new top-level domains have been slowly rolling out, and eventually will increase the number of gTLDs from the current 22 to over 1,000. Joining the likes of .COM, .BIZ, and .INFO will be new top-level domains such as .SHOP, .McDONALDS, and .NYC.
"Internet expansion can seem daunting and confusing," King said, "but makes it fun and easy."



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