Veenome First to Provide True Content-Level Data and Brand Safety Across YouTube Channels

New Capability Allows Advertisers and Agencies to Make More Informed Decisions About Which YouTube Channels to Advertise on Based on Specific Content and Brand Safety Needs

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Aug 11, 2014) -  Veenome, the leading video intelligence and verification platform, today announced the launch of its YouTube Channel Content Analytics -- a criterion of content, brand safety and video attributes that apply specifically to YouTube channels and content. As a result of Veenome's unique ability to analyze the actual video content of video vs. the given metadata or page data, advertisers can be assured they will know exactly what kind of content they are advertising on across YouTube before they run campaigns, making it the most complete and robust brand safety solution for YouTube channels available today.

To accomplish this, Veenome scans and analyzes the actual imagery and audio of videos as they launch onto the YouTube channel. It also gathers supplemental information from the page text, comments and metadata. In addition, videos are evaluated for number of players, player size, and player position. These attributes are combined into a quality score and updated daily.

The quality scores, along with the data that makes up these scores, are provided to advertisers and agencies in real-time so that they can make decisions about which channels to advertise on based on their specific content and brand safety needs before their advertisements are run.

Only by examining the truly important content that video ads precede can advertisers be truly sure of the level of brand safety and alignment within a specific YouTube channel.

Additionally by providing the raw data, advertisers and agencies can understand the methodology behind the Veenome quality system. This level of transparency is unique in the market and is something that is not provided by other providers of video quality scores.

"It is our central mission is to create transparency in the video advertising ecosystem by providing granular actionable data on video content, layout and viewability," said Veenome Founder and CEO, Kevin Lenane. "As a natural product extension of our current offerings, brand safety across YouTube Channel videos enables brands to invest smarter, while focusing on highly targeted and quality media and performance, and vigilantly protecting their brand. It should also serve as a new benchmark for what all video advertisers and publishers should expect us to deliver."

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Veenome is the leading video intelligence and viewability platform that analyzes videos on web pages and sites for content, brand safety and viewability. By using proprietary and patent-pending algorithms Veenome automatically and efficiently analyzes at scale hundreds of millions of videos, detecting any kind of video on a page or domain and determines if the video is brand safe, and what exactly the category of the content is. The company also extracts viewability information, like player size and position as well as data attributes like muting state of the video, auto-play state, page content and language. For more information visit

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