LonMark Cono Sur to Support New Members, Technology Adoption and Certified Professionals in Chile, Argentina Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Bolivia

SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 12, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LonMark, a non-profit association for the certification, education and promotion of interoperability standards for control networking, today announced the formation of a new affiliate organization, LonMark Cono Sur, to support LonMark members and certified professionals in South America, including Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Bolivia.

To-date, more than 700 people have passed the LonMark Certified Profession (LCP) exam, with 25 percent coming from Spanish-speaking countries. The LCP program establishes a proficiency standard to assure end-users that they have access to a resource pool of professionals with industry knowledge and experience. More and more end-users, project developers, specifiers, and planners are requiring LonMark Certified Professionals for their projects because they are confident in their fundamental knowledge of LonWorks® technology and LonMark Open Systems. The popular LonWorks Installation Handbook, which is used by exam candidates to prepare for the LCP exam, is being translated into Spanish by LonMark Spain, a LonMark affiliate organization.

LonMark Cono Sur's mission will be defining the courses and documentation required for professionals to incorporate the ISO/IEC 14908 standard in facilities across the region," said Hernán Fagnilli, president, LonMark Cono Sur. "We are confident this affiliate will be a great resource for Latin American members and their customers who support the ISO/IEC 14908 standard."

About LONMARK International 

LonMark International is a non-profit corporation supporting the testing and certification of products, people and companies supporting the ISO/IEC 14908 body of standards and Industrial Internet of Things. Its members manufacture, distribute, develop, install or use systems based on these standards.  Over 110 million LonWorks devices have been installed worldwide. LonMark International provides peer-review based certification guidelines and testing for products, people and companies. There are over 500 interoperable products certified and listed on the LonMark website and over 700 people have been certified as LonMark Certified Professionals. For more information about LonMark International, please visit www.lonmark.org.
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