Ecliptek Expands Oscillator Availability With Four New Series Shipped From Inventory

Latest CMOS Crystal Clock Oscillators Increase Unique Frequency Design Versatility, Offer Four Different Supply Voltage Options in 5mm x 7mm SMD Package

COSTA MESA, CA--(Marketwired - Aug 13, 2014) - Recognizing the design community's need to quickly locate new or undeveloped frequency control products, Ecliptek Corporation has boosted its inventory by adding four new six pad SMD Quartz Crystal Clock Oscillators for immediate shipment. Introduction of the EQRA12 (2.5VDC), EQRA13 (3.3VDC ), EQRA14 (2.8VDC) and EQRA15 (3.0VDC) series creates a wide array of in stock design options, including a frequency stability of ±20ppm over an operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

"It's no secret that component availability is critical for front end design," Ecliptek Vice President of Global Customer Support Robert Zarrow asserted. "Immediate loading of these new oscillators into our automated online tools, like the SmartSearch, streamline our customers' ability to find accurate, comprehensive part number specific information for products that are available now."

Delivering an extensive range of unique frequencies in a 5mm x 7mm low profile SMD package, these four new oscillator series supplement the more than two million frequency control part numbers currently catalogued on Ecliptek's website. Part number specific information for the new series has been added to Ecliptek's automated on-demand documentation tools, including the SmartSearch and Quick Quote apps, as well as the Data Sheet, REACH, RoHS, China RoHS, and IPC-1752 documentation generators. 

"Our primary focus is to significantly improve oscillator availability overall, including unique frequency devices," said Zarrow. "Coordinating our online capabilities with our participating Authorized Distributors insures that customers have immediate access to the world's largest inventory of crystals and oscillators."

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