uBreakiFix Debuts Ship to Store in Markets Across US

uBreakiFix debuts ship to store for customers in markets without brick and mortar locations.

ORLANDO, FLA., Aug. 26, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- uBreakiFix to debut a new Ship to Store program this week in order to provide more convenient and efficient services to North American customers. The international smartphone and tech repair company will provide rapid repair turnaround times to customers throughout North America even if customers do not live in the immediate vicinity of a uBreakiFix storefront.

uBreakiFix is debuting Ship to Store in 21 locations throughout California, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas and Washington. This new option will allow people across the country the option of low-cost, ground shipping for electronics repair. According to company sources, the aim of the program is to provide fast turnaround repair options for mail-in customers without having to add the cost of highly priced overnight shipping rates.

"Ship to Store is a new option debuting this week, that we feel opens up extensive repair opportunities to areas where uBreakiFix has yet to break ground. As rapidly as the uBreakiFix brand is expanding, there are still millions that are not within driving distance of a storefront location. Ship to Store repair offers customers the opportunity to experience the uBreakiFix repair process from miles away." -David Reiff, Vice President and Co-Founder of uBreakiFix.

As costs for replacing electronic devices continues to climb, the repair option has gained traction with millions of people across the US and Canada. Aside from the cost benefits, customers tout that the repair option doesn't mean a loss of data, a daunting proposition for many, and contributes to a more sustainable future. "We want customers nationwide to be able to experience the benefits of repair, not just the consumers within ten miles of a location," continues Reiff.

If you are interested in the Ship to Store option, you can visit uBreakiFix.com and browse to the repair service you need. From there, choose the closest eligible Ship to Store location and complete the checkout process online. You can elect to ship your device off on your own or receive a pre-paid shipping label that will be emailed to you. For questions about the Ship to Store process, you can call uBreakiFix directly at 877-320-2237. To find a ship to store location near you, check out the uBreakiFix Store Locator.


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