RegEd Expands Enterprise Policies and Procedures Management Solution

Solution Integrates Regulatory Change Management and Identifies Policies Impacted by Rule Changes

Raleigh, NC, Aug. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- RegEd, a leading provider of technology solutions for compliance and risk management to the financial services industry, today announced the expansion of the CODE™ Compliance Management Platform, which has been implemented by dozens of financial services firms.  CODEWritten Supervisory Policies and Procedures Management (CODE WSP), is designed to significantly decrease expenses and mitigate risks associated with FINRA compliance.   

"Requirements associated with FINRA compliance create significant challenges for firms subject to these rules," stated Ann Robinson, Senior Vice President, Product Management, StoneRiver RegEd, and a former Senior Compliance Officer at a large broker-dealer. "It's not unusual for a firm to distribute the same 1,000+ page compliance manual to all employees. Requiring everyone to contend with a mega compliance manual, when only a smaller subset of policies may be applicable, represents a significant impediment to firm-wide adherence," Robinson continued. 

CODE WSP enables end-to-end administration of a broker-dealer's written supervisory policies and procedures. When a policy is changed, the system provides that change only to individuals subject to the change based on their role in the firm. This supports high levels of adherence by avoiding the need to generalize or over-engineer policies to cover the broad population.

"RegEd solutions are implemented in hundreds of broker-dealers, giving us unique insight into the specific challenges our customers face every day," stated Debra Freitag, Chief Strategy Officer, StoneRiver RegEd. "Our clients cited a critical need for central oversight of policies, where each policy is maintained in one location, with the ability to distribute relevant policies by role, department or entity. Using this insight, we created the blueprint for the solution," Freitag added.

CODE WSP embeds a lexicon for the FINRA Written Supervisory Procedures checklist that covers proposed and enacted changes and new regulations and laws, interpretive guidance and Investor Alerts. In combination with the system's integrated regulatory change management capability, CODE WSP identifies policies that are potentially impacted by regulatory change, which is vital to updating policies on a timely basis. In addition, CODE WSP maintains documentation on policy approvals, changes, exceptions, attestations, testing and the evolution of policies over time. This enables Compliance to maintain a consistent audit trail and be responsive to document requests from regulators, a key indicator of a strong compliance program. 

About StoneRiver RegEd

StoneRiver RegEd, Inc. is a leading provider of compliance technology solutions serving over 800 enterprise customers including the nation's largest financial services firms.  Established in 1994 by former regulators, the company is a recognized industry authority and has created the standard of excellence for rule-based compliance automation for broker-dealers, investment advisors, insurance companies and their distributors.  RegEd solutions drive new levels of operational efficiency and enable firms to cost-effectively comply with state and FINRA regulations while mitigating risk.  For more information, please visit


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