Nomorobo Poised to Help Consumers Fight Back Against Political Robocalls This Election Season

Nomorobo Partners With the National Political Do-Not-Contact Registry to Effectively Stop Annoying Political Calls From Reaching Consumers

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Sep 2, 2014) - Nomorobo, the #1 most popular service for effectively blocking robocalls and telemarketers from reaching phones, today announced a partnership with the National Political Do-Not-Contact Registry, a grass-roots effort aimed at eliminating annoying political calls. Nomorobo and Citizens for Civil Discourse, the non-partisan non-profit organization that runs the National Political Do-Not-Contact Registry, have formally joined forces in time for the 2014 mid-term election season in a proactive effort to take on the most insidious robocallers of them all: politicians.

"Even though more people than ever before are signing up for the Do-Not-Call registry, the robocalls keep coming," said Shaun Dakin, CEO and Founder of Citizens for Civil Discourse. "With the National Political-Do-Not-Contact Registry, we tried to cut them off at the source. Now with Nomorobo's amazing technology, we are fully prepared to stave off harassing robocallers and politicians alike, once and for all."

As the winner of the 2013 FTC Robocall Challenge, Nomorobo has effectively unlocked the secret to eliminating robocalls. Nomorobo's technology is able to stop illegal robocalls in their tracks while not affecting legitimate automated calls, such as doctor's appointment notifications and school cancellations. Since Nomorobo's public launch, it has blocked more than 7 million illegal robocalls from reaching consumers.

Nomorobo has a superb track record for stopping illegal robocalls. Unfortunately, political robocalls are technically legal. These pesky calls are exempt from the United States National Do Not Call Registry, so Nomorobo needed to find a new way to combat them. By teaming up with the National Political Do-Not-Contact-Registry, Nomorobo has found a solution.

"Robocalls come in all shapes and sizes and automated political calls are among the worst. It figures that the politicians would carve out an exception for themselves in the law. For the next few months, these calls will be the bane of many hard-working American citizens' existence," said Aaron Foss, Founder, Nomorobo. "By partnering with the National Political Do-Not-Contact-Registry, we are strengthening our ability to stop the robocall menace and we are beyond confident that we are providing consumers with the most effective solution to this nationwide problem."

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Nomorobo is a free, cloud-based service that effectively blocks illegal robocalls from reaching consumers' phones. Nomorobo employs a technology called "simultaneous ring" that is provided by most VoIP phone companies, that allows incoming calls to be routed to a second telephone line. Nomorobo uses this second line to identify and hang up on illegal robocalls before they can ring through to the consumer. To learn more about Nomorobo, visit

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