Touchpoint Metrics Announces Customer Journey Mapping Workshops: Delivering Actionable Customer Experience Insights in a Day

Touchpoint Metrics' Customer Journey Mapping Workshops help companies walk in their customers' shoes, identify customer expectations, pain points and opportunities to improve customer experiences in a day.

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

San Francisco, CA, Sept. 4, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Customer experience solutions company Touchpoint Metrics (OTCQB:TPOI) announced today the broad rollout of their Customer Journey Mapping Workshops, offering companies the ability to build a cross-functional understanding of what customers want and need, and where the organization may be falling short of customer expectations.

Touchpoint Metrics is a pioneer in the development of customer experience management solutions and has achieved substantial improvements in customer acquisition, satisfaction, and loyalty for many large and fast growth companies. Their proprietary, best-practices approach to customer journey mapping has been developed, tested and proven through their work with dozens of global enterprises.

This powerful one-day workshop helps companies map key interactions, customer touchpoints and the experiences delivered along the customer journey, offering a clear picture of specific aspects of the customer experience which must change to drive greater customer loyalty and engagement.

"Wherever customer journey mapping is applied, it highlights where companies can do a better job of meeting customers' needs in meaningful ways," says Lynn Davison, Touchpoint Metrics COO. "It consistently gets everyone on the same page and focused on the best opportunities for improving customer experiences - whether for a particular customer segment, a specific channel or business unit, or end-to-end across the entire relationship with a company."

MCorp's Customer Journey Mapping Workshops are packed with easy-to-digest, hands-on exercises and real-world examples, providing a comprehensive view of how and where to better serve customers while creating a common vocabulary around and shared understanding of the impact of customer journeys.

"Time and again, we've had workshop participants and client sponsors express delight at the depth of insights and clarity of solutions these workshops deliver," said Michael Hinshaw, Touchpoint Metrics President and CEO. "We've been conducting them for large clients for over a decade - offering workshops more broadly to the market simply makes good sense, putting this expertise into the hands of smaller organizations, while giving larger companies an easy way to drive impact at scale with relatively modest investments."

To learn more, download this overview: Customer Journey Mapping: Workshop and Training

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