Comprehensive Pharmacy Services Launches Industry's First Mobile Hospital Pharmacy Management App

Rx-MobileDashboard Connects Executives to Mobile Data to Manage Costs and Improve Quality

Memphis, Tennessee, UNITED STATES

MEMPHIS, Tenn., Sept. 16, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS) today announced the launch of the hospital industry's first mobile app that provides hospital executives complete on-the-go visibility into pharmacy performance. Branded Rx-MobileDashboard, the proprietary app helps hospital leaders manage costs and improve quality with the pharmacy operation, which can account for up to 15% of a hospital's overall operating budget.

"The CPS Rx-MobileDashboard is the first of its kind for hospitals in the U.S.," said Glenn Etow, President and COO. "It brings together the best in mobile technology, backend data gathering and analytics in an easy to use application. It provides critical information on operational, financial and clinical performance to empower hospital executives to make informed decisions." 

CPS' secure Rx-MobileDashboard couples proprietary technology with a user-friendly graphical interface to deliver personalized key performance information of a hospital's pharmacy, and can work with any mobile operating system employed by the hospital.

When activated, the Rx-MobileDashboard immediately displays four 'Key Indicator' graphs that give a quick look at the most important pharmacy information: Financial performance in relation to a selected metrics; Clinical Initiative performance; Patient Population Acuity (with Case Mix Index (CMI) metrics); and Patient Length of Stay (with CMI and daily census metrics). The app also provides CPS benchmark data from other similar facilities when relevant. In addition, users can create and save an infinite number of customized graphs utilizing a wide array of pharmacy metrics built into Rx-MobileDashboard.

In addition to tracking hospital metrics and comparing them to historic CPS data, Rx-MobileDashboard allows executives to view CMS comparisons of their facility versus state & national scores. Hospital facilities can then use that information to monitor their performance in key CMS criteria and see how the pharmacy can impact performance in those areas over time.

CPS successfully completed a live pilot of the mobile app dashboard with a group of existing clients, and now is launching the product to its more than 400 hospital clients throughout the country. Rx-MobileDashboard is available for free download by CPS clients via the Apple App Store. 

About Comprehensive Pharmacy Services:

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