Vendasta Releases MAST 10X: New Marketing Automation and Sales Transformation Platform for Digital Agencies

SASKATOON, SK--(Marketwired - Oct 1, 2014) - Vendasta Technologies, a leading provider of online reputation and presence management tools, today announces the release of a new Marketing Automation and Sales Transformation platform, MAST 10X. The platform is geared toward helping digital agencies sell their solutions to local business with automated marketing campaigns that target, identify and provide local business owners with personalized intel about their own businesses, backed by a suite of online presence solutions.

"The major problem facing digital agencies is their cost of customer acquisition," says Brendan King, CEO of Vendasta. "We want to solve that problem and help them increase their market share and digital revenue tenfold while dramatically decreasing cost per lead."

The new platform works hand-in-hand with Vendasta's reputation and presence management tools, all of which are rebranded and sold by partners who serve the marketing needs of local businesses across North America. All partners need to do is upload their list of digital prospects and begin an automated email campaign to identify sales opportunities.

MAST 10X emails are unique, providing personalized information about a local business's reputation, online listings, social media activity, website responsiveness and more. The system continues to follow up with information that educates the business owner on a variety of digital marketing topics with examples from their own businesses, and sales teams are then given alerts of anyone who indicates interest by interacting with the campaign. Furthermore, the agency can access deeper information about the business's digital marketing efforts in order to have a meaningful conversation with the sales prospect.

What makes MAST 10X unique is its ability to send businesses detailed information about their online activity from a trusted source (in most cases, an agency and salesperson they're familiar with). Research shows local businesses prefer email over other types of communication; however, MAST 10X is more than just an email marketing platform. It provides a complete sales tool management system to make sales teams more efficient.

"We're helping partners discover which of their existing customers and prospects are ready to buy new digital solutions," King says. "Just because a business has negative reviews and no social presence doesn't mean they're a good prospect for reputation management. And while many companies have tried marketing automation before, they often find it's too complicated and spammy. Vendasta's solution works out of the box with relevant content for every local business. All you need is a list of phone numbers and email addresses of your current customers, and you're ready to go."

Boasting impressive open and click through rates already, the MAST 10X solution is designed to streamline digital agency sales and marketing efforts, to help salespeople focus their energy on the most promising customers and to dramatically decrease cost per lead. For more information, visit

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