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Hosted by Peter Travers (Rolling Stone, ABC-TV)





NEW YORK, N.Y., Oct. 2, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The New York Film Critics National Series® (NYFCS®), one of the leading word-of mouth screening companies, has partnered with several national partners to feature unique concepts in marketing.

A National Screening Series is a new concept where theaters across the country screen a movie before it's released, then HD simulcast a Q &A with filmmakers and talent to audiences immediately following the screening.

Recent promotions include: ABC network's new legal thriller "HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER" premiering this Fall. The show features Viola Davis, the Oscar®-nominated actress from The Help and Doubt. Davis plays a top defense attorney and law professor who becomes entangled with her students in a murder.

20TH CENTURY FOX'S  "GONE GIRL"  Pre-release screening and event captured live throughout the country on Thursday October 2nd, 2014. "GONE GIRL" is Directed by David Fincher based on the novel of the same name by author Gillian Flynn who also wrote the screenplay for the movie. It stars Ben Affleck , Rosamund Pike , Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry  and  Missi Pyle. Best-selling writer  Gillian Flynn will be present for simulcast Q &A with host Peter Travers immediately after the screening.

October to feature "1,000 TIMES GOODNIGHT" with live appearance by Oscar® winner Juliette Binoche. The preview screening and event will take place  live throughout the country on Tuesday October 21st, 2014. The film is directed by Erik Poppe (TROUBLED WATER), and stars Oscar® winner Juliette Binoche (THE ENGLISH PATIENT),  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (GAME OF THRONES), Lauryn Canny and Larry Mullen Jr. (U2 Drummer, MAN ON THE TRAIN).

WHAT: The New York Film Critics Series® (NYFCS®) 1996.

WHERE: 63 Independent Movie Theaters in 30 U.S. States

WHEN: 2-3 times per month, all year long.

SIGNIFICANT VALUE: NYFCS/Sponsored Spots on 450 Screens 3 times per day, 7 days per week, all year long. These are lights down, trailered spots and NOT lights up "twenty" pre-show.

ONE OF A KIND SERIES: Pre-release screenings of major prestige movies and exclusive, in-theater, simulcast show with prominent hosts, movie stars and famous directors. Show also includes multi on-screen questions from U.S. locations

CURRENT HIGHLIGHTS: James Franco (Child of God), Rob Reiner (And So It Goes), Director David O. Russell (American Hustle), Bruce Dern, Will Forte, June Squibb (Nebraska), Andy Garcia, Vera Farmiga (At Middleton), Daniel Radcliffe (What If), Tom Hardy (Locke), Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl), Simon Pegg (Hector and the Search for Happiness), Felicity Jones (Theory of Everything).

HOSTS: Peter Travers (Rolling Stone, ABC-TV) and Alison Bailes (IFC, NBC, More Magazine, BBC)

OPPORTUNITY: Customized, scalable sponsorships and or monthly media buys. Association with Hollywood, NYFCS®: On-screen advertising, branded pre-show featurettes, Social Network Agency; PR; red carpet; VIP comped tickets; receptions; promotional ops; customized host pitches; ubiquitous native environment branding; award campaigns.


1. Filmmakers and audiences can connect. Filmgoers and talent from the film can see and speak to each other via in-theater simulcast. This provides a powerful word of mouth experience to share strong smaller movies with loyalists and taste maker audiences.

2. Create a conversation. National economies of scale provide an effective and cost efficient way to optimize regional screening strategies where talent has not always been available to accompany all of the live events.  Conversely, new technology allows the US public to interact with talent ordinarily inaccessible to them via live two-way simulcast and social networking.

3. Build community. Filmgoers have a passion to discuss the movies they've seen. A screening series provides a forum by which like-minded folks experience the collective energy of 50 U.S. theaters seeing an exclusive, one-time event all at once. This has great social and emotional power on many levels. A sense of community is produced, which encourages personal contact, ongoing conversations and relationships.

4. Provide exclusive content. Viewers have also become much more demanding and a natural evolution of watching has been a desire to know more about the creators and the production behind the projects. This provides a much larger, interactive "DVD extras" experience with a theater full of people. It can also create valuable insight into the storytelling and characters with insightful interviews that challenge both creators and audiences' sensibilities.

5. Curate "What to See:" There are so many movies out there and so little time to see them all. A national screening series helps to create and simplify a curatorial experience for participants so they know what to see in an overcrowded marketplace. With so many great movies today, no one wants to waste their precious viewing time on mediocrity. Film festivals and other heroic champions of smart content are continuously recommending and listing oceans of offerings. There are so many lists and organizations, they too are becoming just as over-crowded as the works they are promoting.

6. Educate and Entertain. Our series aims to entertain, educate, and refresh the true spirit of independent story telling by promoting the continued discovery of unique voices. VOD and other subscriptions have been enormously helpful to refresh the business model of distributing movies, however those environments are also very crowded. We aren't distributors, per se, but just another platform for films to find an audience.

7. Promote Good Work. We aim to produce events in a collaborative environment and nurture the long-term success of the better, smarter movies so that more challenging films like them will continue to get made. There is no question that we all love to see our favorite actors and this is usually the largest motivator of viewing choices. Within the context of an ongoing series, members are more receptive and pleasantly surprised to discover to the lesser known projects which are integrated into the offerings.

8. Support The Theater Going Experience. A series like ours helps to maintain the vitality of the independent theater going experience and to help art houses remain relevant and exciting. Small screen viewing is great, but no one wants that to be the only choice. Although now more available, small release budgets in a crowded marketplace contribute to the ongoing limitations in getting exposure for independent and micro-budget films to be seen on all platforms. The public needs all the help it can get in sifting out what to see.

9. Marketing for Small Movies. One of our goals is to provide the best releases regardless of size with a powerful marketing tool without pre-judging audience reaction. To take risks to feature unconventional cinema without the fear of commercial success. Movies do need to make money, although each project brings a different set of budgetary expectations that can be well balanced with the importance, rewards and objectives of creating important culture that is equal to or even more important than large returns on investment. We hope our series gets the word out about smaller titles that might be lost in the clutter.

10. Create a Special Experience. We hope to provide a "behind the velvet rope" experience for everyone by democratizing what might have been perceived as an elitist activity generally only available at festivals or solely to industry insiders. We promote fun and meaningful one-time only events, with live world-class talent, in the best independent theaters throughout the US. These are theaters that are passionate about keeping the cinema alive! Importantly, the NYFCS® is never on TV or the internet. We strongly believe that sitting in the dark watching images on a big screen with a group of strangers is still an unparalleled and special experience.

CONTACT SERIES PRODUCER  Mark Ehrenkranz  marke[at]nyfilmcriticsseries[dot]com   www[dot]nyfilmcriticsseries[dot]com


AZ Surprise Digital Digiplex
AZ Tucson Loft
CA Berkley Rialto Cinemas Elmwood
CA Los Angeles American Cinematheque - Hollwood
CA Modesto State Theatre
CA Sebastopol Rialto Cinemas Sebastopol
CA Palm Desert Cinemas Palme d'Or
CA Corona Del Mar Port Theater
CA San Diego San Diego Media Center
CA Santa Cruz Del Mar Theatre
CO Ft. Collins Lyric Cinema Café
CO Boulder Boedecker Theater
CO Durango Animas Theater
CT Bloomfield Digiplex/Carmike Destinations
DC Washington West End Cinema
FL Ft. Lauderdale Gateway
FL Key West Tropic Cinema
FL Naples Silver Spot
FL St. Augustine Epic
FL Fort Lauderdale FLiFF Cinema Paradiso Hollywood
FL Miami Beach Miama Beach Cinematheque
FL Hollywood FLiFF Cinema Paradiso Hollywood
GA Atlanta Cinebistro Town Brookhaven
IA Des Moines The Fleur Cinema
IL Chicago Music Box Theatre
IN Fort Wayne Cinema Center
MA Amherst Amherst Cinema
MA Boston Coolidge Corner Theatre
MA Martha's Vineyard Marilyn Meyerhoff Theatre
MI Ann Arbor The Michigan Theater
MI Detroit The Maple Theater
MI Traverse City The State Theatre
MN Minneapolis Kerasotes Showplace ICON at West End
MO St Louis Chase Park Plaza
NC Raleigh Durham Carolina Theater
NE Omaha Film Streams
NH Concord Red River Theatres
NH Portsmouth The Music Hall
NM Santa Fe The Screen Santa Fe
NY Malverne Malverne Cinema
NY Millerton (Dutchess County) THE MOVIE HOUSE
NY Buffalo North Park Theatre
OH Cleveland Cleveland Cinemas - Cedar Lee Theatre
OH Columbus Gateway Film Center
OR Portland Hollywood Theatre
PA Camp Hill Digiplex/Carmike Destinations
PA Philadelphia The Ambler
SC Columbia Nickelodeon
SC Charleston The Terrace Theatre
TX Dallas The Texas Theatre
TX Houston Alamo Drafthouse VINTAGE PARK
TX Lubbock Alamo Drafthouse LUBBOCK
TX Houston Alamo Drafthouse MASON PARK
UT Salt Lake City Tower
VA Ashburn Alamo Draft House Ashburn
VA Winchester Alamo Drafthouse - Winchester
WA Bellingham Pickford Film Center
WI Milwaukee Fox Bay Grill


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