The State of Economic Development For Natural Gas

Niyato Industries, Inc. announces that recent developments in the availability of natural gas from fracking have made the cost of converting from conventional fuels to natural gas (CNG or LNG) a present economic reality.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, Oct. 3, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The cost of natural gas is currently less than half that of gasoline, diesel or bio fuel.  The cost of converting both commercial and privately owned vehicles is the trend for the future, particularly in southern California.  This trend is being additionally encouraged with the increasing availability of fueling stations. The alternatives are becoming fewer and less economic.   The subsidized electric vehicles are expensive to start with and have few advantages except for the cost and the availability of electricity which still requires fossil fuel or solar power to produce. On the other hand, a number of local counties and cities are converting their fleet vehicles to natural gas to obtain the initial fuel cost savings, longer engine life and extended range, as well to meet the lowered emissions standard requirements being imposed by the state of California and other states.

In the past, the lack of fueling stations and the cost of conversion has been a factor while the lack of one, and the differences in the other are rapidly disappearing.  The cost of vehicle conversion can usually be amortized in 18 to 24 months, while for the most part the vehicles maintain their original appearance.

The Niyato Industries' CEO, Mr. Leslie Stencil, has completed the company's due diligence process on site selection process in Southern California where the company plans to establish a new major fleet conversion facility employing 200 inline technicians. The counties in California are bidding to Niyato Industries to have the right to win the new facility business that is scheduled to open in one of four counties: San Bernardino, Los Angeles County, San Diego, or Ventura County, in early 2015. Mr. Stencil travelled over 2,000 miles in the past three weeks and met with the fleet director of San Bernardino and the president of Economic Development of Santa Clarita and other city and county leaders from Southern California and looked at  thirty possible different commercial property sites that were capable of housing Niyato Industries' new facility. Mr. Stencil stated, "I have one or two possibilities in mind, but the counties will need to sharpen their pencils and offer the best possible incentive package to our company." He also added that the relationship would need to be symbiotic in nature, where the county would need to bring forth its fleet of vehicles and certain incentives to help offset the costs of putting a new facility in place. In return, Niyato Industries would bring the cost of vehicles and operational costs down by tens of millions of dollars.

About Niyato Industries Inc. 

The company was founded by Mr. Leslie Stencil through his relentless pursuit to "change the way Americans think about their fuel" to give the American people a transportation fuel alternative (Natural Gas). He has partnered the company with experts such as IMPCO Automotive, the world's leader in natural gas systems. IMPCO Automotive is  Tier 1 at GM which helped to create the GM's natural gas program and a (QVM) Quality Vehicle Modifier for Ford motor company. He feels that "significant progress is being made, and sizeable orders are forthcoming." The company is currently quoting a multi vehicle orders that will be converted in Southern California. The conversion equipment meets or surpasses the auto company's warrantee standards.

Natural gas powered vehicles are the safest and most economical trend for the future. The current natural gas reserves are estimated at the moment to last for over one hundred years and are increasing with every new well drilled. Natural gas is the best fuel source at this moment in time.

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