Deem Offers "Safe Passage" to Concur Expense and Travel Customers

San Francisco, California, UNITED STATES

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 9, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Corporate acquisitions are commonplace in today's B2B technology market and unfortunately, the customers are often the ones who suffer most. Innovation slows, attention turns to integration and new corporate priorities emerge. Today Deem, a leading global cloud and mobile commerce company announces a "safe passage" for customers of Concur, the latest technology company to be acquired by SAP.

Current customers of Concur may have concerns that the complex acquisition and integration processes may negatively affect their critical travel and expense activities. These Concur customers can take advantage of the Deem "Safe Passage" program by visiting A Deem representative will contact any interested Concur customer to discuss how to easily deploy Deem's offering.

As part of the "Safe Passage" program, current Concur customers will receive:

  • One year free subscription on a three year agreement
  • No implementation fees
  • Professional migration assistance (we will help you move your data)

"Congratulations to Concur Technologies on its recent acquisition by SAP," said Patrick Grady, CEO, Deem. "This announcement serves as more evidence that these are exciting times in the travel and expense industry and we look forward to delivering our innovative suite to Concur customers who want to avoid potential price increases and slower rate of innovation due to the SAP acquisition."

Deem is the industry's only fully-integrated Cloud suite of travel, expense and procurement applications. Companies ranging from SMB to mid-market to many of the largest corporations in the world have partnered with Deem to manage expenses for more than a decade. Deem enables businesses to save, sell, and syndicate—resulting in lowered costs, increased revenue, and enhanced customer loyalty—and to help businesses invest more fully in their people, customers, and communities.


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