Mi-Corporation Announces Big Data Product: Mobile Inspection Software by Mi-Corporation

Inspection Data Processes Can Be Fully Automated and Complemented by Data Analytics and Data Visualization Capabilities

DURHAM, NC--(Marketwired - Oct 14, 2014) - Mi-Corporation, the leading provider of the most flexible, enterprise-class mobile data capture software platform -- Mi-Forms -- announces Big Data product Mobile Inspection Software by Mi-Corporation (MISM), which allows companies to automate field inspection data processes end-to-end quickly, including analysis & visualization of field data.

MISM, which integrates with Mi-Forms and other e-forms systems or Field Inspection Software packages, provides a data repository for data analytics and integration. Data captured in the field becomes visible immediately upon upload, while customizable dashboards, charts, and reports, nine of which ship with the product, provide data visualization for the inspection capture process.

Users can create multiple dashboards and charts within each dashboard, and report on common field inspection elements (e.g., number of inspections by type performed by inspector) or specific field inspection details. There is no constraint on the data that can be visualized. Filter values obtained directly from captured data allow for unique chart configurations.

According to Mi-Corporation CTO Chris DiPierro, "In listening to our customers who were focused on collecting and analyzing field inspection-related data, we set out to develop a software product that provides the level of data analysis and visualization needed to effectively automate field inspection data processes. By empowering executives & managers with functionality that allows for easy, quick analysis of their field inspection processes & data, we have created a platform that enables them to make the best decisions for their organizations, most effectively & quickly."

Mi-Corporation software has helped organizations like the NC Department of Agriculture reduce a 3-4 week process to a day, allowed Lightower Fiber Networks to save $400/day and produced 100x more accurate data for IDCRP as relates to their field inspection processes. This new solution provides a number of additional features designed to help companies better capture, analyze, and report on inspection data captured onsite, in the field. They include:

  • Flexible Database Repository - users can upload exported form data without having to create a corresponding database entity compared to other systems that often require customizing database tables and procedures on a per form basis. Mi-Co's approach records all captured data in a SQL Server database that is suitable for report generation and integration with other systems, hosted in the cloud or on-premise

  • Standard Platform - sitting atop Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server platforms, MISM takes advantage of technologies already in place in most organizations. When creating reports in SQL Reporting Services (SSRS), users can drop data directly into dashboards within MISM without requiring navigation away from the system. Anyone familiar with SSRS and flat file data formats (PDF, Microsoft Word, CSV, XML, and Excel files) can customize the reports

  • Integrated Help and Tutorials - every page of the solution has integrated help that aids administrators and users to navigate the software and customize it to their needs. Video tutorials provide guidance on topics such as setting up new dashboards, updating charts, and configuring reports

To learn more, visit www.mi-corporation.com, watch this video, read this Infographic, or contact Mi-Corporation at info@mi-corporation.com to try an evaluation version of MISM today.

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